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Being a part of corporate/IT profession, you are probably aware of the infamous or rather detest verbiage to know that the employees no longer fancy the traditional way of document transmission.

You know that faxing is a problem because every now and then you get to hear or talk about:

– “The fax machine by the meeting room is out of ink-toner”

– “The last page of my outbound fax won’t go through”

– “The transmission line is constantly busy with so many departments sending or receiving documents continuously”

– “The fax machine is broke and doesn’t allow documents to go through”

Sadly, all of these complaints have become the part of our everyday work life and somehow up to a point, we are now habituated to deal with old-fashioned fax. One another conundrum-cum-challenge the conventional fax machine throws at us is that, due to its long inheritance, fax machines have become an integral part of every business workflow. Moreover, if your company or enterprise is still involved in the way most businesses trade than even in 2018, you can’t deny the fact that faxing capability isn’t a choice but it’s a requirement. And by every means it is most likely to stay for years to come.

The premier firm IDC  (International Data Corporation), which is a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, etc surveyed hundreds of businesses across several industries about their fax usage surprisingly revealed top 2 challenges faced by faxing organizations are: 1) Conventional faxing methodologies draining employees productivity and 2) Cost associated with paper-based faxing is too high.

The report also stated that despite our despised take on the fax machine and the challenges it presents, the usage of faxes is still steadily flourishing among businesses. Some of the top response cited are:

– We have to use it because our customers and suppliers use it

– Fax is an important part of a business process workflow

– Fax is considered to be a secure way of data transmission protocol

– Fax documents are legally binding

– Faxes sent and received are regulated and complied with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA

In other words, many businesses are still persistent in using fax could be because of unexplored other options available, faxing protects them against lawsuits & any such legal fine and also that the employees have built & easily streamlined fax adaption into their existing business process but who wouldn’t opt for an easier option, if available?

Well, to benefit from this solution what if you can get rid of the fax machine and yet your productivity won’t hamper? what if you can cut down the spending on fax and instead start saving on it? what if you’ll add-on many more features and functionalities to the current basic fax operations? Sounds Interesting, isn’t it?

3 Immense Productivity Benefits Of Cloud Faxing

Reclaim Your Lost Productive Time – Certainly, it would seem like your employees would be spending an average time carrying every day’s faxing tasks but if you add up for a month then it makes a considerable amount of time which could be well spent productively.

With ifax, which is an enterprise-class cloud fax platform for web, desktop , and phone. Get rid of your of your fax machine, printer and all worries related to it. Connect to the leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload from the web, email or desktop computers. Now easily send and receive, edit, sign, optimize & edit fax image, annotate PDFs, sign documents and access many other such features and functionalities.

Additionally, ifax is secured with 128-bit TLS encryption and compliant with HIPAA & GLBA. These cloud-based faxes will be transmitted even faster and with more secure encryption than your current analogue fax transmissions.

Industry Oriented Benefit – Here at ifax, we have usually observed that each and every industry sector who have started adopting the cloud-based fax services have benefitted in some or the other ways.

Industries ranging from real estate, legal, medical and health-care, etc have to constantly involve their departmental resources such as systems engineers, trainers, support reps who travel to customer sites, field staff and many more to carry out everyday fax-depended tasks have benefitted hugely in terms of productivity upon accessing our cloud platform services. So, with ifax, you can send or receive faxes anywhere.

Re-boost For The IT Team – You’ve got to be looking after your own department as well. Maintenance of fax hardware takes time and energy. Troubleshooting issues and time requires to resolves it can totally be eliminated upon entrusting to an enterprise fax expert like ifax. This will set your IT team free to focus on other productive aspects of the company.

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