Industries That Revolutionized The Operations Online Services

5 Industries That Revolutionized The Operation With Online Services & Apps

A while back if we were to see then it’s easy to derive that for most of the things and services, house call or home delivery was not possible. Even in the banking sector, in order to send money, one had to either mail a check or do the bank deposit.

Thanks to technology, the scenario has changed now. Nowadays, all of this and more can be achieved with the comfort of your home. You want to pay bills, buy groceries, send payment, scan document or send an online fax is possible from our phone without leaving your home or office.

5 Revolutionized Industries

Let’s look at five industries whose online services and apps have changed the way we engage with it. Moreover adapting to the technological advancements has also brought many cultural and social changes and clocked our perception further by offering online services and apps.

1) Cab/Taxi:

Cosmopolitans know the best use of taxi or cab because they are well aware of traffic congestion in rush hour with an addition to finding a parking space. Cab or taxi services has been prominent from industry leaders such as Uber & Ola. But more importantly, thanks to ride-sharing apps like Lyft. Additionally, you don’t even need to wait for a cab as you can access services as per your convenience by either getting an immediate pickup or scheduling it for a future date and time. The rider can even leave feedback of driver and for an overall trip experience.

2) Medical/Healthcare:

One can easily see that the medical or healthcare industry is also not left far behind from grabbing the advantages of online service offerings via app or website. Heal,  one of the pioneers in benefitting the patients via online services is primarily a doctor house call app that helps anyone see a doctor at home, office or anywhere on demand and as per the patient’s schedule.

“You can’t fix medicine for patients without fixing it for doctors first” as quoted by Dr. Renee Dua, Founder & Chief Medical Officer. The primary types of care offered is in Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Primary Care and Preventive Care. With transparent pricing and treatment cover under insurance & without insurance ($99 flat fee), the patient can feel the ease at home of seeing the doctor rather than rushing to the hospital to seek treatment.

3) Everyday Essentials:

There is a massive surge with companies providing ‘Everyday Essentials’ or ‘Daily Needs’ delivered at the doorstep. Amazon Prime Now allowing to order online all daily need products including groceries making it easier, faster and more convenient than ever. Amazon Prime Now is a one-stop destination for online shoppers and becoming the favorite online retailer. Since it takes much lesser time than to drive to store or mall and shop for individual things hence, why not order everything online? Especially, when it could save your time, energy and resources.

4) Social Media Platforms:

It used to be the time when big corporates and enterprises names were involved when it came to “branding” as it required huge spending when it comes to advertising their product or service. However, in today’s time, the scenario has been likely changed and dominated by social media platforms like YouTube to create and promote ‘Brand Identity’.

On such platforms, with few clicks and very low budget you can set up your own channel and start your own personalized branding of product and/or services. In order to build a commercially viable brand, you’ll need attractive niche content that needs to be delivered consistently. By creating makeup or short videos tutorials of your expertise such as of games or educative or providing any consulting advice to your target audience – you could build your personal brand around that and also earn money.

5) Internet Fax:

Old fax machines played its part in helping and understanding the data transmission over a fixed phone line. However, the traditional methods were time consuming, tedious and of course not cost effective.

Since technology has evolved in every aspect and one of the most important transformative event that the world witnessed was the time when not long ago the old methods of sending faxes were replaced by “Internet or Online Fax”.

Whether you refer it as ‘electronic faxes (e-fax),  internet fax, online fax or digital fax’, the only trustworthy name that rings a bell is iFax. It has become the industry leader in providing online fax services either to send faxes or receive faxes online through its amazing features, speed, and efficiency.

Online faxing services was quickly accepted around worldwide because of the quick transmission and other benefits. Moreover, with iFax you can quickly send a fax, get your free fax number to receive faxes, etc. Simply download the iFax app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac platform for free and you can take your business to the next level of proficiency.

In a Nutshell:

Whether to move around a city hassle-free & quickly or to build your personal brand or merely just shop for everyday essentials – make sure to explore and take maximum benefit of these innovative technologies via different online apps and services for various industries

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