9 Reasons You Should Switch Your Online Fax Provider

Using fax may seem like a crazy notion given the advances in technology, but actually, the truth of it is, many organizations such as those in the medical industry – pharmacies, doctors surgeries, X-ray providers, or those in real estate, financial services, legal or insurance for example, still rely heavily on fax to send important information and share documents.

And if your business requires fax capability in order to conduct its business, then you need to have a dedicated and reliable fax provider.

Switch online fax provider

Many users switch online fax provider because of poor service from their current provider, others because of issues with transmission and quality of faxes.

So how is your online fax provider?

1. Do they have a simple, online dashboard interface?

2. Are they user friendly?

3. How is their UX?

4. What is their pricing like?

5. Do they give you real time updates via email or through the app?

6. Are they HIPAA and GLBA compliant with military grade encryption for added security and peace of mind?

No? Maybe it’s time you switched your online fax provider.

Let’s check out the most common reasons you might want to switch online fax providers and find out how switching can benefit your business, because newsflash – remaining loyal to your existing online fax provider isn’t always beneficial to your business success.

1. Privacy
The HIPAA Act requires that all healthcare providers guarantee the privacy of clients’ records. If your online fax provider doesn’t comply with HIPAA and GLBA protocols, it’s definitely time to switch to a provider you can trust. You need an online fax solution that is compliant and has end to end encryption.

2. Mobile friendly
We are living in the mobile age and if your online fax provider isn’t mobile friendly, how does this make your life easier? You won’t always be in the office when you want to send a fax, sometimes you might need to snap or scan a document and fax it, and if your provider doesn’t allow for this, what use are they going forward?

3. Ease of purpose
Who has time to navigate a complicated dashboard or figure out an overly complex interface? You want a digital fax service that is designed to be easy for everyone to use, regardless of whether they are trained to use the online fax service or not. You want to be able to fax and go at the touch of a button.

4. More bang for your buck
A new online fax provider could give you more pages each month than your current provider. If you’re a light user or an individual, you could even find a provider who allows a certain number of free pages per month. If you do your homework you could find cheaper paid plans than the one you’re currently on, which offer more pages too. It really does pay to shop around.

5. Electronic signatures
In this day and age you don’t have to rely on a wet ink signature, electronic signatures can be used in its place. Some online fax providers include the ability to use electronic signatures with their product. So if your existing provider doesn’t let you use electronic signatures, now might be the time to ditch them for a better service provider.

6. Integration with Slack
If your current online fax provider doesn’t integrate with Slack, then what are you even doing with them? Slack is integral to seamless business communications, and fax is one of those communication channels.

7. Human touch
With AI and ML prevalent in all aspects of business communications, and our increasing reliance on it to communicate with customers, we have a tendency to forget the importance of human connection.

When something goes wrong and you need to get an important document faxed urgently and you’re left shouting at a robot, that can leave a bad taste in your mouth and you’ll be loath to rely on that company and its fax services again.

Outstanding customer service is something every company should strive to provide their customers, always. So if your online fax provider doesn’t place customer service front and center and offer human assistance, 24/7, then perhaps it’s time to switch them for a provider who does value you and your custom.

8. You won’t lose your fax number
Much like your mobile number, it can be a wrench to switch providers if it means having to give up the fax number you have always used in lieu of a new one. But that shouldn’t be a reason to prevent you from switching online fax provider.

Many companies will allow you to transfer your fax number when you switch to them, meaning you have no down time and your fax recipients and senders will not know any different.

9. Compatibility
If your current online fax provider only works with Android or iOS, that will limit you in the long run. You need a provider who is compatible with any and all devices you might use to send and receive an efax – why shouldn’t you be able to use your Apple Watch or Android Wear?

Shop around for a provider whose products are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac and you will never be held back again.