How Agencies Can Collaborate With Citizens For Secure Document Delivery Solutions

How Agencies Can Collaborate With Citizens For Secure Document Delivery Solutions?

With constantly ongoing hacks and threats, government agencies have become aware of the need to tighten the cybersecurity these days. Necessary steps have been initiated in securing agency networks, allocating proper training to staff in using 2-step authentication and secure phishing defenses.

It becomes harder when members of the public get involved as it is not feasible to give each and every citizen the in-depth training required to understand complex security solutions, especially when they are going to be using it for only a handful of times. Instead, more focus should be given on procuring a simple yet effective solution which is good enough insecurity. Document delivery or exchange solutions can generally be categorized into two categories: i) physical delivery and ii) digital delivery.

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Physical Document Exchange

In-person drop-off

Well, it might seem easy to receive passport applications or DMV registrations or any other permit requests documents which contain personal information physically but it also comes with additional challenges such as resource allocations, overcrowding, etc. Moreover, the staff salary, office space rent, etc are a few of the extra expenses to incur. Security of the space also becomes a concern with unscreened people coming in and out all day. 

The in-person document exchange system is also unfavourable to many and considered as old-fashioned when the private sector is already benefiting from the convenience of best online fax services.

Certified mail or couriers

There is also another option of using courier or mail service to dial down your expenses and the need to face the customers in an office arena. Also, most of the cost can be passed to customers in the form of fees and charges. On the contrary, courier companies undertake all the responsibility of delivering documents safely to your door or hand-to-hand delivery of the documents.

However, physical delivery is slowly going out of the picture for obvious reasons as it is costly compared to digital methods and of course, requires the citizens to be present at the time of delivery at designated pick-up or drop-off points and need to sign for the package. 

Digital Document Exchange

Cheaper, faster, more convenient and more modern – digital document exchange is paving the way for future document delivery solutions.


Despite being in the notion for the popular belief that fax usage is on the decline, we can assure you that it is not the case. Yes, one might say that the old traditional or conventional fax system is on the verge of dying however, FoIP (Fax over IP) is actually seeing the light of day. Moreover, with more and more adoption of digital modern technology, fax by Internet or online fax services or fax over IP (FoIP) is gaining momentum. Largely, fax is also considered as a secure means of communication among not only small to large business houses & corporates but also in healthcare, legal, real estate, and government organizations. With the rise in technology, smartphones and apps have given away for mobile fax machines – making it most convenient for anyone to send and receive fax documents anywhere, anytime.

Secure Portals

Many companies have even started to provide such secure portals that government bodies use it to deliver documents to citizens in a more safe and secure fashion. Also, these online faxing solutions also cater to an average person’s use in terms of making it easier for them to create and send faxes on-the-go in the required formats, attaching documents, electronic signatures, etc. 

Fax machines are the talk of the past. Considering the similar situation, wherein you need to send the same document to many people that you had to send it over and over again by selecting each contact every time and follow the tedious process repeatedly until the job gets done. With fax broadcasting, you only have to select your contact list and it will be mass faxed to the chosen group in milliseconds. It saves efficiency and productivity within the organization. Another salient advantage of internet fax services is that it will digitize all your messages, quickly allows you to search and retrieve any specific document. This method is also more secure and reliable as your fax account is linked to an authorized email account, which means that only intended recipients of the said fax is only going to access it. Your files, documents or faxes can easily be stored online for which you can connect to the leading cloud storage platform.  

Wrapping Up:

iFax is HIPAA compliant enterprise-grade fax service provider. You can connect to the leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload your documents from anywhere, anytime. You can fill forms, annotate PDFs and sign documents instantly. Choose from an array of professional cover page templates, add fax cover notes, flags, comments and also a digital signature. You can even personalize the look and feel of your faxes to suit your brand and can add a company logo. Customizing your faxes seems to be best for startup owners, entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. Moreover, iFax Corporate offers amazing reduced prices for bulk faxing needs. The lowest pay-as-you-go pricing is only available with iFax.

iFax even offers you pay-per-fax facility or buy credits on a discounted price. iFax is the lowest-cost way to fax. With over 2+ million downloads, we remain the favorites among the users who want to send or receive online faxes may it be for personal or professional or business needs.

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