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Since the early dawn of human evolution, we have been hugely relying on natural resources and have treated it as sacred. But with the growing needs, we have gone a bit out of sync with nature. Our population growth rate increased heavily and over time as a consequence, natural resources were declining. However, no point in crying over spilled milk as the irreversible damage is already done. All we can now hope from humanity is to take preventive measures in their day to day life to limit the harm to nature.

Businesses and institutions have been called in show their support in preventing the environment for the better today and tomorrow. They have been involved with the activities that spread awareness and encourage action to protect our environment. As a working professional, most of our day is spent in office spaces wherein we all could play our part to combat this issue. The most problematic area is the usage of paper and plastics in all and every form.

Companies have been encouraged a lot to go paperless. Documents, forms, agreements, etc all if possible then send a digital copy rather than a manual paper document. If implemented globally, these companies can massively contribute to saving our world. When it comes to paper usage, three industry segments have been identified with a heavy usage pattern viz., healthcare, real estate, and legal firms. These industry segment’s everyday work is totally depended upon sending and receiving documents. These were sent manually in the old days with envelope, stamps and of course, the paper document. With growing needs, things changed and technology advancements paved the way for the fax machine. It did not completely make the usage of paper an obsolete and still, there needed a solution that would stop us abusing the natural resources and harming our environment.

A couple of decades ago, when technology was booming in every sector, faxing industry which relied on paper usage heavily got its first digitalization form to send and receive faxes online. For all the industry segments, small or large business owners, startups or freelancers, it is high time to shift to cloud-based fax services. As we all are aware of the drawbacks of traditional fax machines for say paper, ink, toner, fixed phone line cost and many more, it is quite necessary to switch to online fax services.


With ‘iFax’- world’s #1 best online fax service, you can connect to leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload from the web, email or desktop computers. No more need to spend for the long-distance calling costs associated with faxing for your National or International recipients.

iFax is HIPAA compliant enterprise-grade fax service provider. You can connect to the leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload your documents from anywhere, anytime. You can fill forms, annotate PDF’s and sign documents instantly. Choose from an array of professional cover page templates, add fax cover notes, flags, comments and also a digital signature. You can even personalize the look and feel of your faxes to suit your brand and can add a company logo. Customizing your faxes seems to be best for startup owners, entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. Moreover, iFax Corporate offers amazing reduced prices for bulk faxing needs. The lowest pay-as-you-go pricing is only available with iFax.

With over 2+ million downloads, and so far users have sent over 2.5 million super low-cost fax pages since 2008. Moreover, you could also use iFax’s website to send a fax or use their fax by email feature. The iFax app runs on multiple platforms such as MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and WebApp.

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