mobile fax machines

Online services & apps have manifested tremendous change in the way we perceive our everyday life. Smartphones have become the most accessible and reliable tools for carrying any day to day activity. Within offices, such software solutions play a major role in enhancing productivity and boost the growth of a company.

Fax technology has marvelously evolved with smartphones and Wifi-internet. Few of them are also involved in making fax machines compatible with VoIP for fax sharing. Internet and fax-to-email technology has paved the way for online fax transmission. You can now easily send and receive faxes online just as you would send an email on your computer or mobile device. The corporates around the world are following a strict code of conduct and has upped the security measurements for safe transmission of documents via mobile faxing. There are many mobile faxing apps that not only suffice the basic need of faxing but also provides cut-throat analytics, insights, and reports regarding the same.

Industries ranging from real estate, legal, medical and health-care, etc have to constantly involve their departmental resources such as systems engineers, trainers, support reps who travel to customer sites, field staff and many more to carry out everyday fax-depended tasks have benefitted hugely in terms of productivity upon accessing internet fax services. So, with ifax, you can send or receive faxes anywhere.

Why iFax app?

With iFax you get customizable cover page template options, integrated document scanner and supports all major image formats. All your faxes are automatically saved and your office staff can easily connect to the cloud storage platform and upload from web, email or desktop computers.

iFax lets you have a free fax number so as to quickly start with sending and receiving internet fax. Moreover, users can select from a range of beautiful and business design-apt cover pages to choose from. Standard fax cover notes, flags, comments and adding a digital signature are just cherry on top of the cake. You can even give personalized and business appearance by adding a logo of the brand. 

The cloud supportive online fax service is trustworthy in its industry segment. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature – iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services. iFax is HIPAA compliant enterprise-grade fax service provider. You can connect to the leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload your documents from anywhere, anytime. You can fill forms, annotate PDFs and sign documents instantly. Choose from an array of professional cover page templates, add fax cover notes, flags, comments and also a digital signature. You can even personalize the look and feel of your faxes to suit your brand and can add a company logo.


Gone are the days when one had to standby the conventional fax machine to send faxes. Faxing industry has transformed and taken the shape of digital form now with mobile fax machines. Opting for a demo to send and receive faxes gives you the best product information practically. This will allow you to judge your needs as per your business requirements. Whilst demo, few handy points to look out for are ease of user interface, templates, design, features, etc.

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