Cloud Faxing

Looking back at the transformation or pattern shift observed for many enterprises belonging from several industry segments, one conclusion can obviously be drawn out of it. That today’s organizations are deeply unrooting the ways to be efficient and effective when it comes to integrating their internal systems. One such aspect of any company’s workflow process relies on document delivery. More importantly, the system depends upon how effectively the documents are transmitted.

To much extent, we can put it this way that the success or failure depends upon the timely receiving of fax documents. Don’t you think so? Well, let’s consider the following brief example: Think of an ad agency from the entertainment industry hub received an offer letter for their client from a production house company. The company wanted to confirm the acceptance of the contract from the client within a stipulated amount of time so as for the offer to standby. Meanwhile, the agency did send a copy of the contract via fax to the client. The agent thought the fax went through but due to busy signal it didn’t and the copy has not been acknowledged of the same. You can guess what happened next? The artist didn’t receive the contract on time due to the error from the ad agency concluding to a loss for both the parties. Though conventional fax machine has been around for many years now and most of us have been accustomed to the way it has functioned so far, however, in today’s times it is quite clear that fax machines can’t be considered as an effective method for instant faxing needs.

On the contrary, internet fax services are on the boom and paving the way to send and receive faxes online instantly. One doesn’t have to wait for busy signals, paper jam, ink toner, equipment maintenance cost or even have to bare fixed phone line costs every month. With best online fax services, not only you are able to quickly transmit your documents to your clients but also it is more preferred and secured way as compare to old fax method. It prevents your faxes from prying eyes or to be able to access by an unauthorized recipient.

Whereas, cloud faxing not only secures your fax with end-to-end encryption but also you can’t make a mistake in sending it to someone else. One can also perform all their faxing needs from anywhere, anytime for e.g from the gym or while grabbing your morning cup of coffee. With just a few taps on your mobile or any other smart device your fax is ready to be on its way – saving you time, money and of course, leading to growth & success without having to lose clients their job. Not only your client’s important data or confidential information is safe but also they can put an electronic signature right away and send it back. No more delay in faxing those crucial contracts or agreements which can save an ad agency’s reputation as well as secure a job for your client resulting in lasting business relationships.

Smartphones have become the most accessible and reliable tools for carrying any day to day activity with mobile apps available for everything. Online web fax services also make it easy and simple for you to send and receive faxes online.

Summing Up:

Whether you refer to it as ‘electronic faxes (e-faxes), internet fax, online fax or digital fax’, the only trustworthy name that rings a bell is “iFax”. iFax has become the industry leader in providing online fax services either to send faxes or receive faxes online through its amazing features, speed, and efficiency.

iFax provides all-round solutions for every business faxing needs. With 128-bit TLS encryption, iFax allows you to securely send and receive faxes by email. When you set up your company with the iFax Enterprise solution, faxing will become one of the most secure ways of the communication protocol within your company.

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