As most of us are aware of internet fax services and how it has drastically changed the face of faxing industry from the conventional fax system to the world’s first mobile fax machine. In today’s article, we are going to go a level deeper than understanding the concept of internet fax services.

To grasp the proper know-how about enterprise-grade fax services, let’s breakdown the process in ‘sending faxes’ and ‘receiving faxes’.

To Email – From the healthcare industry to financial institutions to factories, email communications have long been in use as compared to landlines. Of course, faxes are still largely used as a part of business communication because they might contain confidential information or anything that requires a signature. If you know how to send an email, then you know how to email fax. Your fax pages will be sent as attachments just the way you send it in a regular email.

Web Fax Services – You can also access the documents that you need to print or fax by connecting to a leading cloud storage platform. Then onwards, you can upload the documents from the web, email or even any other desktop computers.

Broadcast Faxing – For large businesses who have high-end fax usage and additionally, at times need to send faxes to multiple recipients then online fax services can come handy in such scenarios. To initiate such a broadcast, all you need to do is to either import or create a broadcast list on a simple online dashboard. You can also customize beautiful cover pages.

Additionally, you could also connect to the leading cloud storage platform to upload your documents from the web, email or even desktop computers. With image editing, customized cover page template designs, add a digital signature and company logo are among the many other features that are offered with one of the best online enterprise-grade fax service provider.

Since technology has evolved in every aspect and one of the most important transformative event that the world witnessed was the time when not long ago the old methods of sending faxes were replaced by “Internet or Online Fax”. Whether you refer to it as ‘electronic faxes (e-faxes), internet fax, online fax or digital fax’, the only trustworthy name that rings a bell is “iFax”. iFax has become the industry leader in providing online fax services to send or receive faxes online through its amazing features, speed, and efficiency.

iFax even offers you to buy credits on a discounted price. iFax is available across 5 major platforms. iFax is the lowest cost way to fax. With over 2 million downloads, we remain the favorites among the users who want to send or receive online faxes may it be for personal or professional or business needs.

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