Enterprise-Grade Online Faxing Solution For Business

Sooner or later, small or big organizations who want to expand their operations have to let go the traditional fax machines or fax servers and should be aiming for an enterprise-grade electronic faxing (e-faxing) solution to fulfill all their faxing needs. The classic advantage of using internet fax service is that it allows you to get rid of heavy fax machines, fixed phone line, etc. all you need is a working email account and an online fax service provider.

The market for internet faxing is on a constant verge of rising now more than ever because of the inclusive services provided by cloud-based faxing technology.

Let’s see what an online fax service for business should offer and which enterprise fax solutions a business should be thinking to opt.

What to Expect From Online Fax Services?

Irrespective of your business size, you can take the immense benefit of online fax services to not only send and receive documents but also perform many other functions to increase the business productivity using a desktop computer or even a smartphone. So here is the list of basic features to be expected from an online fax service provider for business:

Send a fax from an email: This feature allows you to hassle-free send fax from email regardless of any email server you are using and moreover, a copy of all the sent and received documents will be saved in your inbox.

Send a fax from cloud storage: You can connect to any leading cloud storage and upload documents directly from there to send faxes. The option to send faxes from cloud storage paves the way for your business to easily fax documents, reports or even spreadsheets with just a few clicks.

The All-In-One Enterprise-Grade Faxing Solution:

iFax is world’s #1 simple and easy internet fax service that allows to send and receive faxes by email and online from anywhere.

iFax enterprise is made for broadcast and business faxing. Use a simple online fax dashboard to effortlessly send faxes anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Additionally, you import or create broadcast lists, customizable cover page templates and enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing. The more you fax the more you save!

iFax being one of the most sought-after productive online faxing apps that saves you time and money while simultaneously offering cutting-edge fax features. With HIPAA & GLBA compliant, iFax allows you to securely start sending and receiving faxes instantly from anywhere.

1) Save Money

No Fax machine, fixed phone line, paper or ink toner cost

2) Full of Options

Select your preferred fax number from a pool of local and international numbers

3) On The Go

Feel the convenience to send and receive faxes from your desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

4) Highly Secured

Faxes as an email attachment are delivered straight to your email inbox.

5) Enhanced Reliability

Free from busy signals, no more paper jams, changing ink toner and lost/misplaced faxes.

6) Feature-rich Components

Customize images, add company logo and digital signature. Receive fax notifications, updates and many more with iFax only.

7) Stay Organized

Now sync all your digitized files to the cloud and retrieve it anytime-anywhere hence, no more need to manually arrange and declutter your office desk regularly.

If you want to find out more about how iFax can propel your business, please read “3 most productivity benefits of cloud faxing” here.

The iFax app is available on 5 major platforms i.e, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and Web. It’s presence spanned across 17 countries and already comes equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature – iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services.

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