Maybe working for years might have elevated your experience and gained valuable business lessons to open or start your very own home-based business. Or, you might be a young enthusiastic college graduate who thought of trying your hand first in business rather than working as an employee. Does any of these scenario ring a bell?

Whatever your reasons could be for wanting to start your home-based business, certain things remain universally true such as, preparation, commitment, time, etc to have success and growth since the initiation of your business.

1) Passion

It’s preferable to build your company or business around your passion rather than to invest in a market trend. With your passion project, you are never going to lose out on the interest which is a key ingredient of becoming successful.

When you are passionate about your business you tend to find out solutions to the problems because it’s not the problems that matters, what matters is the attitude towards solving it. This will also drive growth as you will be exploring new ways to overcome daily challenges.

2) License & Permits

You can always get the perfect information on the requirements of license and permits from the local regulatory or concerned authorized department from the industry. The fees and other such related requirements may vary based on your business type, activities, location and state & national government rules.

Though, you will need to apply & register for your trade & business name with the county. This is necessary to avoid misunderstanding of operating the two businesses under the same name. Alongside, you’ll also need to make a decision upon which type of legal structure of the company you want for e.g, proprietary firm, corporation, limited liability company or partnership, etc.

3) Business Plan

For newly entered businesses, it’s quite easy to get lost in the already developed marketplace, irrespective of your product. But having clear business goals and understanding of business concept and values can help you point in the right direction.

Entrepreneurs who would want to venture into business primarily needs a plan comprising of the business concept and the relative strategy. The plan should also explain your marketing plan, the profile of the key team members & budget. Effectively including the key points in your business plan is utmost important. It should efficiently represent you, your business’s vision & mission statement and your management team.

4) Capital

The old-fashioned way to generate capital for your home-based business could be from friends and family members instead of turning to investors or venture capitalist. If you are able to invest in the project then you can avoid giving up the major share of your home-based business to an investor.

If you are facing a financial crunch from family, friends, and investors then you could also try applying for a business grant or loan from any bank or financial institution.

5) Document Transmission

Much easier said than done when it comes to starting and running your own business. In the initial days of any business, it is obvious that most of the time is utilized in implementing and setting up the groundwork. During this, you’ll be communicating with lots of sellers, vendors, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, clients, etc. Spending half of your day in just sending and receiving documents is not feasible for any business and hence, you need a proper system in place to transmit your document.

‘Internet Fax’ or commonly known as ‘Email Fax’ simply uses your email account and the internet access to send & receive faxes. Anytime. Anywhere. Internet fax services are becoming a sensation these days, which allows you to send and receive documents from your mobile device as long as you have an active internet connection in your smartphone.

With iFax, you can connect to leading cloud storage platforms as well as upload from the web, email or desktop computers. No more need to spend for the long-distance calling costs associated with faxing for your National or International recipients.

With over 2 million downloads, and so far users have sent over 2.5 million super low-cost fax pages since 2008. Moreover, you could also use iFax’s website to send a fax or use their fax by email feature. The iFax app runs on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, & Android.

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