How is fax still used by individuals and businesses?

Below are some of the daily benefits of faxing.


Sending handwritten letters

People are not only sending computer-written documents through fax but also handwritten ones. Letters existed for a very long time and we always find a way how to write them. Over time, we’ve lost touch with writing since we learned to type. Handwritten letters are more personal compared to computer-written text. When we write a simple or a thoughtful note, it shows that we’ve invested time. Thus, handwritten resumes are still existing in Japan. It could even help you grow your relationship with your business partners or clients. A personal touch is always a good idea!


Receiving lab results of pets

Laboratory results are not always rapid and some households prefer to receive them over fax rather than waiting for them. It’s labour and time-saving for both parties. You don’t need to go back to the vet anymore and the clinic. They just have to fax it over and you’ll receive the hard copy or the electronic one, if you’re using an online fax platform, right away.


Purchasing of goods

This is a practice still done by some groceries or restaurants. Pre-orders are sent to a distribution company through fax. They list the things they need to order whilst managing their inventory and send it straight off to the distribution company.  It’s an example of a practice that has become a norm.


Transmitting good old documents

This is something familiar to all of us. There is always that one office asking to fax a document to them. A situation where emailing is not a choice. People are still using fax to process documents with regard to their tax, licensing, health insurance etc. This usually happens when we have transactions with the government, banks, or medical institutions. It’s a convenient way for them as they receive the hard copy right away but if you don’t own a fax machine subscribing into an online fax platform is the way to go.


Bridging the accessibility gap

There are still parts of the world where the internet is inaccessible and faxing is a great alternative to such condition. Traditional faxes work with electricity and a phone line.


Faxing could be seen as an old technology but it’s thriving and is still used daily.

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