How To Fax When Your Fax Machine Stops Working

In the past, when your fax machine broke down it was relatively cheap and easy to fix or replace any parts. The problem we are about to come face to face with (if we haven’t already) is that fax machines are fast becoming obsolete.

As technological developments continue to advance at breakneck speed, these cumbersome machines that can’t utilize advancing technology are left behind as relics in the museum of old technology.

And when they do eventually break down or cease to work, there isn’t a way of bringing them back to life again, because the necessary parts simply aren’t available – they aren’t in stock because they are no longer being made.

So what can you do when your trusty fax machine comes to the end of its life, but you still need to use fax for your day to day business?

From analog fax to online fax

Yes, you could purchase a new fax machine, but you’ll eventually come up against the same issue – have you ever stopped to think about the logistics of using your fax machine?

People have a tendency to lump faxes in with printers and justify their existence and expense because it’s always been a feature of the office.

But think about the practicalities of running a fax machine:

1. You need to pay a monthly retainer to rent your fax line. 
2. Then you need to pay to have the machine serviced annually. 
3. Plus you need to pay for the paper to print faxes onto. 
4. You also need to pay for the ink and the toner.


It’s basically an expensive habit to maintain.

So, if your fax machine is coming to the end of its life, isn’t it time you considered a fax solution that was compatible with the digital age?

Still not convinced? Consider these 3 benefits of using an online fax provider.

1. No more paper jams

If you’re sick to the back teeth of pesky paper jams, you will never have to wrestle with a fax machine ever again when you switch to a cloud based fax service provider.


Because nothing is printed out. You simply snap your fax using your mobile device’s high resolution camera and send the document, as a fax, through the internet to the recipient, where it’s stored, safely, securely on their device. No printing, no worrying about toner levels, no leaving it lying in the paper tray for prying eyes to sneak a peek at.

And speaking of paper…

2. The prohibitively expensive cost of running a fax machine

We’ve touched on this above but the cost of running a fax machine should alone be enough to make you look for an alternative fax solution. The average cost of sending a paper fax is over $1. Yup, you read that right.

Most people view the fax like a printer and assume it costs pennies to send one, but the fact of the matter is, while the paper itself is relatively inexpensive, the associated cost of using analog fax machines quickly adds up. So if the average fax costs over $1 to send and you’re sending out hundreds or thousands of faxes monthly or annually, those costs can spiral.

When you send a fax with a cloud based fax provider, if you’re a low fax user, you can usually get an account and send faxes for free.

For businesses that rely on sending faxes on a daily basis, you don’t need to pay a monthly line rental, you don’t need to pay for machine maintenance, you don’t need to pay for the paper, the ink or the toner costs, you simply pay a low cost subscription fee, download the app to your devices and fax from wherever you are, securely.

And speaking of secure.

3. Digital fax has end to end encryption

From the minute you press send to the second your fax reaches its end point, the data you send is secure because of end to end encryption.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because outdated fax machines are responsible for the many data breaches that occur in offices. Fax machines weren’t built with hacking in mind, meaning they provide an open door for hackers to gain entry to your IT network.

With the requirement for healthcare businesses to adhere to HIPAA mandates, can you really afford to play fast and loose with your clients’ sensitive data?
When your fax machine stops working
So if you’re wondering how to fax when your fax machine stops working, online faxing is the one stop solution you should consider.

From enhanced data security to much lower operating costs, not to mention the increase in office productivity due to its accessible nature and ease of usability anywhere in the world, isn’t it time you transitioned to this innovative fax solution?