How To Use A Remote Office Manager

If you’ve been working from home due to lockdown, you’ve probably been managing to hold on by the skin of your teeth, but is what you’re doing an effective long term solution to ensure the longevity of your company? 

What is the best way to manage remote employees, or your distributed workforce, during the ongoing pandemic?

Outsourcing business requirements

We live in a connected world whereby you don’t have to be physically in the same space as your employees in order to work effectively with them, or get the most out of them. In fact, almost everything your business does on a day to day basis can probably be managed and taken care of online. 

From outsourcing fulfilment to managing inventory, there is software you can tap into that will allow all your time consuming jobs to be done with technology. Having someone else take care of the parts of your business that aren’t your core business, will enable you to better run your business remotely.

And if you’re outsourcing aspects of your business that you can’t do yourself or are detracting from the more important task of growing your business, why not consider hiring virtual assistants or a remote office manager to handle the minutiae of your day to day business stuff, while you’re at it? 

How can you use remote staff effectively? 

Most of the time it comes down to trust and finding the right people with the right skills. But in order to do that, you have to know what you need them to do, in order to get the most out of them. 

So, to that end, what does a remote office manager do?

A remote office manager does the same job as an office manager: they’re responsible for the smooth running of your office, albeit a remote one. 

Their work covers all areas of admin, financial tasks, as well as managerial activities. They basically keep your day to day office on track, making sure everything that needs to get done, is done. 

Where this once meant keeping the printer stocked up with paper and the coffee pot full of the good stuff, as these trivial bits are no longer required, they can add value elsewhere. For example:

1. Ensure consistent communications

Communicating when everyone is working remotely is essential to ensuring all your employees remain productive, not to mention feeling connected and a part of a team, even when everyone is distributed. If you’re aren’t all physically together, collaboratively working, people have a tendency to go radio silent. 

A remote office manager will take the time to touch base with everyone, to make sure that everyone is on track. This outreach can be done over email, but usually a chat app such as Slack is all that is needed to keep connected and enable day to day communications. For longer conversations Zoom is perfect for face to face meetings. 

And talking of meetings, a remote office manager can be in charge of scheduling meetings, organising online workshops and training too.

2. Take essential office functions online

When you’re not in one place, documents and data can slip through the cracks. One way you can prevent this from happening is by utilising apps to ensure that all important paperwork is filed safely and in a central location that is readily accessible by everyone in your remote team. Your remote office manager will take care of this for you.

For example, sending faxes, something that could be nigh on impossible if you’re separated from your analogue office fax machine can now be done online, from anywhere in the world, through cloud-based fax providers such as iFaxApp. Plus, the received faxes can be stored electronically and filed for ease of use. 

3. Ensure your office is compliant with safety protocols

Just because your workforce is spread far and wide doesn’t mean that everyone can cut their own detail – a remote office manager will ensure that your office workers remain compliant with health and safety work policies. 

In fact, a remote office manager can help all your employees set up their remote workstations to ensure their ongoing productivity. They can source the necessary equipment to get your staff up and running as quickly as possible to prevent a dip in your business output.

Office managing an office-less company

If you run an office-less company, now more than ever, you should consider hiring a remote office manager. 

From making sure all of your employees are set up in their remote environments to keeping all of your office outputs running smoothly and efficiently, despite the remote nature of your office, to managing the community within your company, a remote office manager will be the person to help you achieve success.