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Every company has a system of agreement or contract in place. From offering the job to employees to sealing a deal with a client such as purchase order to a compliance agreement, these modern approaches to a digital system of the agreement have paved the way to rapidly conduct business with customers, partners and employees.

For most of the time, companies have been indulged in accomplishing their document-related process through a complex structure of manual methods. Of course, it was time-consuming and tedious to prepare, sign, enact, manage and send these documents on time. The system usually seems to be diverse with lots of departments and different workgroups doing their own bit of work.

By bringing in digital maturity and acquiring a deeper understanding allows your organization to expedite your path to simplifying the contract and other paper-based processes. Moreover, it is more critical for healthcare and legal industry as the agreements of patients and clients contain sensitive or confidential information. Hence, utmost attention has to be paid when not only preparing and managing such agreements but also need to focus on a secure method of document transmission.  

The old age method of a document transmission is redundant now for the above-mentioned points. It goes without saying that the traditional fax machines are not used as frequently as they were used earlier. Of course, there are lots of factors that contribute to these companies to look for an alternative. With technology advancing, faxing industry has not left far behind. The usage of the fax is on the rise, contrary to the belief. With the arrival of online fax technology, it became quite easier to send and receive faxes online.

Corporates from medical and healthcare industry as well as legal and reality business have greatly benefitted from internet fax services as not only it is quick, cost-effective but also encrypts data so as to make your online fax experience much more secure and reliable.

As compared to conventional fax machines which required lots of assorted accessories such as ink toner, papers, fixed phone line cost and occasional equipment maintenance cost however internet fax services are quite easy and allow you to send and receive online faxes anywhere anytime. ‘Internet Fax’ or commonly known as ‘Email Fax’ simply uses your email account and the internet access to send & receive faxes. Internet fax services are becoming a sensation these days, which allows you to send and receive documents from your mobile device as long as you have an active internet connection in your smartphone. Moreover, you can also even receive updates and fax notifications on your wearable devices such as on Apple Watches & Android wear.

A paper-based fax document lying on an office fax machine or multifunction printer can be a security and compliance risk for the company. Even an in-house fax server is prone to the security threat and can create security vulnerabilities if the server is not encrypted. The images stored on a fax machine is also another vulnerability considering for a business’s confidential data.

Instead of having to scan a document, you can simply attach your documents as PDF files. iFax supports all the major file formats of your documents. You can even send photos as an attachment to the email. The best part of all is that all your data is safe and secure with cloud storage so that you never lose any important conversation, bill or document.

iFax – world’s #1 best online fax services are quick because of simple UI, filled with the rich feature set, exceptionally integrated document scanner, cloud storage and most importantly, online fax encryption. The 128-bit TLS (Transferred Layer Security) fax encryption creates a defensive atmosphere around your sensitive electronic data to protect against any type of security hazard or threat.

Additionally, apart from other features such as fax image editing, automatic optimizations, add company logo, 24*7 support, an iFax major benefit is that it is HIPAA & GLBA compliant. iFax has truly stood up to its reputation for becoming the world’s no.1 fax app in providing fast and reliable online fax services.

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