The world has stopped and we repeatedly hear in the news “flatten the curve.” The world is participating to subdue Covid-19 by staying at home. Now that we have too much time in our hands, some of us don’t even know what to do about it. We’re here to give you some ideas!

Are you tired skimming through your Facebook timeline and are you short of content to post on Instagram? Have you binge-watched almost all of Netflix? Here are some suggestions to brighten your remaining lockdown days and enhance your productivity.




Do you have something you’ve always wanted to learn? A language, a course like Computer Science or Coding maybe? All these are available online and you could easily access them. There are universities offering free online courses and it’s smart to take advantage of the extra time you currently have.

Win: Online Productivity




You have to take care of yourself most especially during these trying times and make sure to shower some of your free time into wellness. This is the best time to get in touch with your spiritual self, reflect, and become calm in return. If you’re working from home and couldn’t stop checking messages from work – stop. Your productivity percentage or yielding results are not only work-focused but also applicable to you. 

Win: Self-love and Intrinsic Development




Join or start an online community to nurture the interests you have. There are a lot of online platforms for assemblage where you could chat, voice or even start video calls during engaging discussions. Talking about your interests or hobbies drive learning and having others with interests akin to yours is a great way to share ideas and increase your sociability while being at home.

Win: Online Productivity and Social Networking




Did you know that cleaning relieves stress? Gather all those cleaning supplies, get started, and lose some calories! Cleaning is exercising. Your body will normally release endorphins, improve your sleep and happiness. In addition, a clean home improves your productivity and your family’s health.

Win: Happy and Healthy You (improves productivity!)




If you have pent-up ideas you want to share the world, please do. We are mostly online now anyway. You could write about anything you like or you could even write about a cause you believe in and earn. Yes! Earn. Blogging is a popular way to get paid in the online community. Learn to capitalize on it.

Win: New Skill and Some Cash (what’s more productive than that?)


You can definitely do more than what’s listed and let this be a time you contemplate and learn to improve yourself. Above all, it’s also okay to pause and rest.


We’ve been too busy to think about how we managed our time prior to the pandemic. For most of us, our daily routine was to get ready to work, stay at work for 8-9 hours, and get off work. What we’re experiencing now is totally a 360-degree turn and it’s best to spend our excess time wisely. Transforming a negative situation into something creative and worthwhile is a wonderful way of handling the big ‘C’.

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