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Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to a few specific industries such as legal, healthcare, reality, etc. Life science is one such segment wherein there is always a time crunch to release a new drug or a patent to pump into the market. Efficiency at which life science industry operates is directly proportional to its success. More efficiency results in more success. However, they also face numerous obstacles through the development process such as R&D, clinical trials and research and at last public release.

There is a better solution with the IT team of life sciences organizations to reduce this lengthy effort and save time & resources by eliminating the tedious process and paperwork. By building a uniform process of the modern System of Agreement they can save money as well as speed up the time-to-market. Well, one can start with a single department however, that is not going to cut the corners. Of course, it will help eventually, but to effectively implement the solution, you need to ensure to digitize process across the organization for the features such as electronic signatures, digital fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents, etc.

Does your organization have outdated IT systems? Check the following points:

  • Paper-based contract and agreements posing compliance risks
  • Inability to track and comply with different SLA (Service Level Agreement) or to meet industry compliance standards
  • Incompetence in attracting new and retaining old employees due to the unorganized and inconsistent method of handling paperwork and forms
  • Ineptitude and delays while an ongoing process of clinical trials, participant registration, collecting & organizing signed consent forms or keeping the follow-up reports in place

A modern System of Agreement that is digitized and connected end-to-end takes away all the unnecessary hurdles out of the way. The result can be overwhelming. Recent study-cum-market research proposed that life science institutes can expect to reduce costs between 3 to 5% just by digitizing the process. On the contrary, it will also improve patient experiences as well. In other words, lawyers are required to perform stringent checks before picking up a promising internet fax service online to make sure that they have proper security features enabled and taking proper precaution to avoid any mishaps regarding the security of the data being exchanged. You can easily sign-up with the best online fax services provider to instantly start sending and receiving faxes online.

The Solution:


  • Low cost
  • Confidential
  • Mobility
  • No fax machine
  • No installation
  • No need for a telephone line
  • Environmental friendly
  • Efficient and Speedy


iFax is quick because of simple UI, filled with the rich feature set, exceptionally integrated document scanner, cloud storage and most importantly, online fax encryption. The 128-bit TLS (Transferred Layer Security) fax encryption creates a defensive atmosphere around your sensitive electronic data to protect against any type of security hazard or threat. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature – iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services.

Additionally, apart from other features such as fax image editing, automatic optimizations, add company logo, 24*7 support, iFax’s major benefit is that it is HIPAA & GLBA compliant. iFax has truly stood up to its reputation for becoming the world’s no.1 fax app in providing fast and reliable online fax services.

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