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Though the word fax might bring back a lot of old memories in many heads about standing by the machine, feeding paper and going through the tedious and time-consuming process of sending or receiving documents. And many of them might think that the fax is dead due to email but the report from IDC 2017 fax survey shows the results otherwise.

Industry such as Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Legal and government sectors saw fax usage not only consistent but has grown steadily. With all these companies or industry sector reporting their annual growth, it is quite clear that the fax is not dead!

Furthermore, not only fax is widely used but also has evolved largely with the introduction of ‘Fax-over-Internet’ or commonly known as Online Faxing’. Electronic fax quickly picked up the pace and revolutionized the communication industry due to its major benefits such as increased security, mobility, and ease-of-use.

The Role of Compliance in Healthcare Faxing

The healthcare industry communication is based on regulatory compliance by ‘HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act)’ passed by the US Congress in 1996. The act requires the healthcare organizations and medical professionals to follow proper guidelines and take reasonable safeguards while sharing patient’s sensitive health records and confidential data. The US Department of Health And Human Services (HHS) clearly outlines that fax is reliable when transmitting or sharing critical patient’s data and information between hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, and health insurance.

It also states that for other communication methods such as email and phone, proper safeguarding measures have to be taken while dealing with any kind of personally identifiable information (PII).

EHR/EMR Systems

Electronic Health Record & Electronic Medical Record (EHR/EMR), by adhering and promoting the ideology to provide safer means of storing data in accordance with HIPAA’s to digitize the healthcare environment. It is not only cost saving but also reduces human error and mistakes.

As the fax technology has gained momentum, EHR/EMR system services now offer on-site or cloud hosting options. Online fax service best providers offer many other benefits, features, and functionalities to make the process easy.

Highest Digital Fax Adoption Rate

Usually, not all and definitely not the important and sensitive documents are sent through fax machines but many healthcare organizations have now digitized their faxing contributing to the 9% growth in digital fax usage in 2017.

In healthcare facilities across North America, GPs, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff are mostly relaxed and able to save time by adopting digital fax methods and avoiding the conventional fax methods.

Storage & Confirmations of Receipts:

For major healthcare and medical industry sector, confirmation of receipts offers plenty of benefits such as,

1) reducing follow-up calls
2) manual logging
3) easy record keeping
4) safe and secure cloud storage
5) increased productivity

Due to its sensitive nature, confirmation of receipts proves to be very important from both administrative and regulatory compliance perspective. With firms and organizations adopting fax technology rapidly, many users now multi-function printers or scanners to scan confirmations of receipt and file them electronically.


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