Fax over Internet protocol

Just like many other industry segments, educational institutions also have to deal with the levels of security while exchanging documents. As opposed to the popular notion, the education sector ranging from primary-secondary to college and universities has to deal with sending and receiving of important and confidential documents every now and then. Mostly, district school offices and university offices deal with accounting, purchasing, financial and student information. This work is usually carried out from their localized administrative departments usually based out of the school or university area. Hence, they are involved in the transmission of documents on a regular basis.

On the other hand, security threats & concern are growing day by day which leads to protecting such sensitive documents. Emails are widely used as they are fast but also are vulnerable to such threats and in securing the content of the documents such as registration, student records, purchase or billing information. Avoiding emails for confidential document transmission would significantly reduce the security threats.

Online Fax Service

The search for the best alternative for secure document exchange such as digital signature, estimates, purchase order, etc leads to a professional online fax system. Sending and receiving online fax has become not only easy but the most convenient and today’s most secure way of document transmission. Over the period, even the fax has evolved from traditional form to become the fast and efficient mechanism available today.

Following are the benefits of including FoIP as a part of your IT system:

1) Keeping Student Information Safe

Colleges and universities have to deal with grades, proprietary school information, etc and as a part of their responsibility, it is mandatory for them to protect the integrity of such documents. With state-of-the-art & enterprise-grade fax technology, faculty staff and administrators can seamlessly and without any worry can transmit student records. Moreover, online fax mechanism also allows you to track the delivery of the document.

2) Reliable System

Unlike conventional fax machine and email, FoIP is robust and always presents an easy solution for document recovery. Moreover, it can blend easily with various deployment models to integrate with the system.

3) Save Time

Technical problems and managing an institution’s fax machine system could take up a lot of time from the IT department. FoIP simplifies and reduces troubleshooting time by integrating seamlessly with the current system.

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4) Adaptive In Nature

Fax over IP or online fax solution can easily handle huge requirement of sending and receiving documents especially during admission and other busy time in school or universities. Hence, online fax system has an innate adaptive quality of being scalable according to evolving requirements.

5) Save Money

Bringing a best online fax service for your organizations eliminates your cost for paper, ink, maintenance cost and reduces the number of phone lines as well. This enables institutions to save potentially a lot of money spent otherwise.

6) Operate From Anywhere, Anytime

Online fax service makes the transmission in real-time allowing students and institutions to access and operate a centralized document system from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can even send and receive documents from any smart device.

Concluding Note:

For such a service trust no other than industry leader iFax enterprise. iFax lets you use fax services using your smartphone, tablet or computer making it a necessary tool for all your faxing solutions. With HIPAA & GLBA compliant, iFax allows your staff and faculty to securely start to send and receive faxes online instantly from anywhere.

With iFax you get customizable cover page template options, integrated document scanner and supports all major image formats. All your faxes are automatically saved and your staff can easily connect to the cloud storage platform and upload from web, email or desktop computers.

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