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We live in a world where the on-time document delivery is not only of the utmost importance but also determines your business growth as it can make or break a relationship with a clientele. Most of the time the type of documents which is faxed are tax filing, contract, agreement or other such important documents which require client’s signature. Of course, in a state of urgency, you can‘t rely on postal service as it would be slow and also have to avoid the traditional fax machine.

Based on the current usage, it is predicted that even by 2025 the most dominating industry sector in the fax usage is going to be law and legal firms, reality, government offices & institutions, and healthcare. In today’s day & age, customers and clients are only inclined towards a service that is efficient and adds productive hours to a business process. Internet fax services by far and large have created an amazing impact on the online document transmission process due to which many businesses have been able to optimize their overall operation accordingly. Mostly these online fax services are bound to not only help you get away with your personal or professional faxing needs but also enables you to add a digital signature and many other features and functionalities.

Of course, the question comes down to one simple point and that is, how to choose a speedy and efficient online fax service? There are many online platforms available where you can compare best online fax apps and go with the one that best suits your need. We will try to save you some time by getting you the best online fax services without the hassle of going through different fax apps and their features, pricing, credibility, performance and many other factors. There are multifarious useful and handy office & business application tools that have been built to give robust performance based on the business-centric needs. It is a blessing for small, medium or large enterprises to make use of such apps to enjoy and complete their office tasks hassle-free, conveniently and simultaneously being time-efficient.

iFax appWorld’s first mobile fax machine can bring you the easiest & fastest way to send your important document on-the-go anywhere, anytime from your smartphone device. Over 5 Million plus users worldwide have trusted the iFax app to send 20 Million plus faxes. iFax is designed to deliver lightning fax faxing experience to users. You do not necessarily have to go through the complex account setup procedure. There are many other incredible features such as you can opt for pay-per-fax or buy credits, get free faxes by referring friends and family to iFax and even choose a free fax number. You can adapt to some of the functions which were not at all possible with the conventional fax machines such as fax image editing, automated fax image optimization, fill forms, annotate PDFs & sign documents. Moreover, you can also add your company logo for your clients or customers to get associated with your brand. 


iFax lets you use fax services using your smartphone, tablet or computer making it your business’s necessary tool for all the faxing solutions. With iFax you get customizable cover page template options, integrated document scanner and supports all major image formats. All your faxes are automatically saved and your office staff can easily connect to the cloud storage platform and upload from web, email or desktop computers.

With nothing more than just an active internet connection and a fax app, you can smartly turn your smartphone into a functional fax machine to execute your faxing needs even while you are on the go.

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