We’ve drawn from the previous articles that faxing is still an important method of communication. Its use in different sectors like in the medical field is undeniable. Faxing has evolved, just like other machines, over time. Here are some reasons why you would love to switch from traditional fax to online faxing.

Paperless Transactions


There are still offices operating today with high paper consumption. An actual fax machine uses paper to print a document which adds to the percentage of paper used daily. This is a good reason why switching to online faxing is a smart choice. Avoid adding to the office clutter through making use of digital files. It is easier to find, store, and discard than paper documents. Way to go green!



A traditional fax machine needs to be maintained from time to time to maximize its performance. There could also be repair costs on top of it and a possible replacement. Sometimes, buying a new unit is even more cost-effective rather than repetitive repairs. On the other hand, online faxing doesn’t require any maintenance at all. You only need an online subscription and it’s readily accessed through phone and a computer.

Accessibility and Safety


How many times have you forgotten to fetch a fax transfer? How long was the document parked in the machine? Has it been moved by a co-worker? These are some common incidents when receiving fax. When you switch to online faxing, the document goes straight to you without anyone possibly seeing it. Protect sensitive and private data through online fax.


Sure thing. traditional faxing is still useful in many businesses but looking the other way could be more practical and efficient. Click here to send an online fax for free!





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