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More than one and a half trillion pieces of papers are being used in a year alone in the United States. A whopping amount of papers if stacked together can definitely take you out of the earth’s atmosphere. More and more usage of paper is, of course, creating imbalance and harming our ecosystem.

The business world, institutions, and companies around the globe have to deal with paper in different forms either printing, faxing or getting them photocopied. The use of paper is so inscribed in our working process that it is almost impossible to move past paper suddenly. However lately, technological advancements have paved the way towards a go-green culture among these corporates. Business processes can’t be changed overnight. But finally with the common efforts from every direction has substantially reduced the use of paper. Also, with the rise of mobile devices, tablets and cloud-based tools such as Microsoft Office & Google Docs, the use of paper is finally coming down.

Let us further see in what ways we all can contribute to making the world go greener both at the office and at home. Without waiting further ado let’s see some tips for how to live in a paperless world.

  1. Books

For all the people who love to read, here is something they can try. Instead of reaching for a book on the shelf, better to go for an e-book version of it. E-books are great while traveling and even to store. Besides this, e-books also offer many other features. E-books don’t get affected by wear and tear. You can highlight your favorite lines or chapter, read in the dark and many other benefits. E-books are even helpful to students as they can go for online copies of textbooks.

  1. Photos

Paper photos are the things of the past. Try to opt for cloud storage or external hard drive to quickly access your photos. It is easier to keep them organized, free up some space in your home plus you can share with others in no time. In case of emergency, you can be relieved that your photos are stored safe and sound. Even during the holiday season, you can send hassle-free the photos to your holiday to friends & family via email instead of mailing paper ones.

  1. Travel

Travelling can be tiresome and tedious especially when you have to carry your paper-ticket along with you and have to take out every now and then. Going paperless while traveling can actually help you a lot. Let’s say you can check in online to avoid standing in a long queue and even can download the boarding pass to your mobile device instead of printing it. Few apps can help you to store your boarding pass and it updates automatically for any changes or update in your flight information such as delays or gate change.

  1. Notes & Reminders

Write it once and your chances to remember increases by two-fold. But what happens when you lose that piece of paper and can’t seem to remember it. Wouldn’t it be better to have notes and reminders in an app to keep track of everything? Some smart device manufacturing companies offer in-built notes as well. One can also go for Outlook, G-suite calender and avoid using a paper planner.

  1. Documents

Do you have to deal with lots of document transmission in a day? Then you must almost be frustrated by your trips to printer or fax machine to get the document across. Moreover, the traditional fax machine could also prove to be fatal when it comes to data confidentiality and security. Business’ that needs to deal with document transmission on a daily basis can certainly benefit from online fax services. These services allow you to send and receive faxes online instantly from your mobile devices. Mobile fax apps present lots of features such as adding a digital signature, filling forms, annotate PDFs and much more.

Wrapping Up:

We have arrived in the nick of time to realize how important it is for organizations around the globe and also everyone else to opt for paperless trade, if possible. In every sector, there is a process that involves paper transaction and it is time to reduce the paper use.

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