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We’ve all been living in a world, where the world takes up a new shape in a blink of an eye. New upgrades and updates are very common when it comes to accessing digital platforms for our daily life work. Much of the push has been dedicated to the continuous tech evolving efforts and the advancements happening in the respective industry segments. One such transformation which has revolutionized the document transmission process has been observed in the faxing industry in the last decade.

We all have witnessed how obsolete the usage of conventional fax machines have gone in our day to day life to send and receive faxes. But that does not mean that the use of fax transmission is reduced in the business’ house or corporate world. In fact, contrary to the belief, document delivery or fax transmission has become more prominent especially in the legal, reality, medical & healthcare, lifestyle and government institutions and offices. Let’s understand the difference between online web fax and internet fax service followed by the comparison of which one is better than the other?

Online web fax as the name indicates, allows you to send new fax online from desktop or computer. You can access it from the internet browser of your computer. Just key in the website and you can access the fax application from within the website. No need of separately installing the fax hardware or software, etc. Most fax companies do not offer the online web-based fax service as 2/3rd of the world population now owns a mobile device or smartphone. However, there are few companies who are still looking after the need of the few ones who are mostly freelancers, solopreneurs, a mother working from home, etc.

Whereas, mobile fax machines are much preferred by startup owners, small & mid-sized companies to large corporates because with mobile fax application (download just as you would any other mobile app from the app store) you can send and receive faxes online anywhere, anytime. It frees you from staying inside the office to receive important fax from the client or you could even be done with your entire day’s faxing work right from your gym or while having your morning coffee. As we have already discussed in the article above, nowadays there are many online fax services that one can choose from as per their respective personal or professional usage. Or they can even choose one after carefully considering all the features and functionalities they need in order to optimize and quickly send and receive faxes.

For your business or enterprise to sustain in this competitive market, you need to be staying ahead in terms of sales, contact and connecting clients or to merely acquire sales target and timely contracts, one must not close their eyes upon the importance of web-based fax service. Also, if the primary mode of communication with your clients is through faxes than online faxing services must be considered for your business to grow and attain success. Cloud or online fax service brings you many features rather than just the regular facility to send and receive faxes online. It is a cost-effective option as you can get rid of the fax machine, no paper, ink or toner. Moreover, you’d also be saving on the fixed phone line plans for every month. Online fax service provides added security with the encryption technology when sending, receiving and storing faxes online. There are many online fax service providers but the top online fax app is HIPAA compliant and by law, they are supposed to sign a business associate’s agreement (BBA) with you.


The best way to keep such an incident at bay is by ensuring to have well equipped and informed staff with the tools equipped with the latest technological advancements. This will ensure efficient and secure job work.

iFaxWorld’s #1 best online fax service provides cutting-edge cloud service that any business segment can virtually take advantage of to improve the security of their document transmission process. iFax certainly makes it seamless to send and receive faxes online absolutely effortless. Following HIPAA & GLBA compliant guidelines and with 128-bit TLS encryption, you can rest assured that your fax data is in the right hands!

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