FoIP – The Advantages Of Embracing This New Technology

The advantages of embracing FoIP.

With analogue telephone lines being phased out in 2025, now’s the time to find your replacement for a system that will quickly be disappearing. And thankfully if you’re a fax user, there’s the perfect solution out there: FoIP.

What is FoIP (Fax Over IP)

FoIP stands for Fax over IP, which essentially means that faxes can be sent over an internet protocol network instead of through a Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In 2015, BT Openreach announced that PSTNs were gradually being phased out, meaning that traditional fax machines will no longer be able to operate on the old system. This means you’ll either have to update their transmission methods to a FoIP system, or you could ditch your old tech entirely and move to a cloud-based system like iFax. In addition to faxing, the closure of PSTNs means that any phone systems that rely on copper lines instead of fibre will also be rendered obsolete. This is where VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) comes in, allowing you to make calls over the internet.


So what are the benefits of using Fax over IP? As well as securing yourself for the long term with the 2025 switch-off in mind, there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider switching over to FoIP now. Possibly the main one is that, especially if you’re seeking to set up a system rather than upgrade, companies like BT Openreach will no longer be offering businesses PSTN services after 2020. But if you are looking to future proof your existing setup, there are still many reasons why it could be beneficial to switch over to FoIP now rather than later.


One benefit is that FoIP is cheaper. With one less network to manage and pay for, you can reduce one major cost of faxing, especially when compared to how much it costs to run a FoIP service. Additionally, Fax over IP is usually more cost-effective on a per-minute rate when compared to using a PSTN.


Digitally, FoIP is also beneficial. When faxed documents are brought into the digital realm this allows for documents to be easily stored, sorted and archived. But perhaps the most useful aspect of using FoIP is that a fax line isn’t required, so you’re not tied down to using a particular machine in a particular location on a particular line. You can send a fax from any device – be it a PC, laptop or even your phone – wherever you are in the world, which is especially useful in areas that don’t have a fax line. When an increasing number of people are working from home, having this system – especially a cloud-based one that allows access from anywhere – allows for greater flexibility when it comes to rapidly altering workplace arrangements.


It’s easy to switch over to a FoIP system, and a cloud-based one without the need for maintenance of a physical fax machine is the recommended method if you want the smoothest switchover without having to deal with any hardware upgrades. iFax is 100% digital and allows you to easily make the step up from your PSTN-based system that will soon be defunct. If you want your business to stay on the top of its game, then FoIP technology is something you should be investing in.


Written by Josh McGrillen – Content and Features Writer for My Favourite Voucher Codes.