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Fax online from any device

Fax through Chrome,
Firefox, and Edge

iFax is compatible with the most popular web or mobile browsers. You can start receiving and transmitting documents without downloading the app.

Fax from a
desktop computer or laptop

Use your Windows PC or Mac to send secure faxes online instantly. Our easy-to-install software lets you transmit documents without needing a fax machine.

Fax from a
smartphone or tablet

Send and receive faxes on the go.
Our mobile app works on any internet-enabled tablet or smartphone. You can catch up on important files while away from the office.


Quick and easy

Our fax service can get your faxes delivered in an instant. Say goodbye to paper jams, complicated printers, and slow courier deliveries.


Real-time notifications

Stop wondering why your faxes are taking too long to send. Get in-app and email notifications that show the progress of your faxes.


Top-rated on app stores

Experience what it’s like to send and receive faxes using a best-in-class internet fax service. Don’t trust us. Trust our 4.5 average user reviews.

Fax Online Without a Fax Machine

Supports any format

Skip printing and scanning and use digital documents instead. It takes seconds to attach and send PDF, DOCX, JPEG, or PNG files.


Customizable cover sheets

Make sure your document reaches the right person with a fax cover sheet. You can choose from a wide selection of free customizable templates.

Fax Online Without a Fax Machine

No credit card required

Kickstart your online faxing journey by signing up for a free account. With our free lifetime plan, you can get up to 5 outbound faxes per month.

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Fax online in 3 easy steps

  1. 1

    Log in to your iFax account.

    Go to ifaxapp.com to create a fax account.
  2. 2

    Click New Fax and Compose Fax

    Enter your recipient's fax number and click Add Document to upload the files you wish to fax.
  3. 3

    Click Send.

    Your recipient will receive the fax in the same manner as any standard transmission.

Fax over the internet

Explore convenient faxing options with iFax and learn how to Fax over the internet. Make life less complicated by switching to secure fax. All it takes is a few clicks to send your fax messages. Why waste time and effort sending faxes via bulky machines that require constant troubleshooting?

With iFax, one of the leading fax solutions, you can send and receive faxes using your internet connection. It also works on any device, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, ensuring you a smooth and effortless experience as a fax user. You can also bring it with you, so you don’t have to worry about missing a critical deadline while on the road.

fax over the internet
fax online over the internet

Send individual or multiple faxes

Effortlessly reach out to several recipients by sending a fax in bulk using our fax app. Use fax broadcasting to level up your fax communications. Send a fax blast and ensure that the same document gets delivered to multiple numbers. Broadcast faxes to a specific group of contacts or reach out to a larger audience for B2C and B2B campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to fax a single page or hundreds of documents, our fax service can guarantee secure and flawless transmission.

Get a fax number online

Receive fax online without spending money on an extra landline number. With iFax, you can get a dedicated fax number without the complicated steps. You only need a few minutes to get a number with your desired country and local area code. There’s even an option for you to make it toll-free. You can set your fax number to 1-800 or 1-888, which helps boost brand recall.

Want to avoid the hassle of updating contacts? No need to fret because you can easily port your existing fax number to iFax. It’s an excellent way to save money as our online fax service will let you do it at no extra cost.

get an online fax number

Customizable fax service

Fax documents quickly and get your transactions done with minimal effort. You can send and receive faxes within minutes. Our online fax service works right out of the box, allowing you to save time and money. Say goodbye to expensive on-site software and outdated office equipment. Plus, there’s no need to stress about busy phone lines or unexpected transmission errors.

Whether you run a small company or a large-scale business, you can customize our plans to meet your goals and budget. Either choose a plan with a predefined number of fax pages or upgrade to Pro and adjust your page-per-month limit according to your needs. You can also get multiple fax numbers to route documents to your team.

That’s not all. Upgrading to a Pro plan will give you access to premium business features like superfine quality faxes, team collaboration, custom branding, optical character recognition (OCR), fax API, and Zapier integration.

Can I send a fax online for free?

Yes. You can send a fax online for free without time limitations. With a free iFax account, you can fax up to 5 pages per month at no extra cost. And when we say free, it means you get lifetime access without the fees. Plus, it’s simple to upgrade at any time.

Fax Online Without a Fax Machine
internet fax vs online fax

Online fax vs. Internet fax: Which is better?

Clear up the confusion between internet faxing and online faxing. These terms both refer to faxing documents over the internet using a laptop, tablet, or phone. With internet fax, you can secure your files using end-to-end encryption. You can also boost your productivity with fax automation and integration. Our cloud-based service offers a simple, secure, and efficient faxing solution.

Revolutionary cloud-based faxing service that's free — for life.

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Fax Online Without a Fax Machine
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Fax Online Without a Fax Machine
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Fax Online Without a Fax Machine
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