eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison

With $25 monthly, you can access iFax’s programmable API with complete documentation and clear code samples. On the other hand, eFax Corporate’s API pricing may be less accessible for smaller businesses.

eFax corporate vs ifax api

Why businesses choose iFax API
over eFax Corporate’s

Scalable Plans

iFax features cost-effective and flexible plans that caters to businesses of all sizes from small to large-scale.

99.99% Uptime

With iFax API, you can be assured that your faxes are delivered on time to the correct recipient.

Easy Integration

Improve your workflow efficiency and security with iFax's seamless integration with CRMs, EMR and EHR systems.

iFax VS eFax Corporate

 Price per pageHIPAA Compliance256-bit EncryptionUptime


Flexible Integrations
eFax CorporateCustom PricingYesYes99.5%No

API Comparison

iFax offers clearly defined pricing and plans

iFax offers a monthly basic plan starting at $8.33 for 200 pages. To access its developer API, you’ll need the Pro plan, which costs $25 per month when billed annually and provides 1000 pages. On top of having access to its Fax API, you can also fax by email, add eSignatures, and convert fax images into readable texts using OCR. With API access, you can generate a secret API key and configure the fax integration according to your liking.

eFax Corporate provides the flexibility to adapt to varying faxing needs with scalable plans, ensuring your business can efficiently manage fax communication at scale. With its API, you can fax in high volumes without the hassle of switching between different platforms or apps

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent.
John M.

iFax has a 99.99% uptime

iFax boasts a robust 99.999% uptime, ensuring your faxes reach their intended recipients immediately. With it, you can use its intuitive web dashboard to fax from any platform or device, guaranteeing seamless accessibility.

The eFax Corporate global network is shielded by a patented firewall and reinforced with redundancy and security technologies. This infrastructure ensures the network remains highly available, boasting an uptime of 99.5%. In addition, eFax Corporate prides itself on delivering faxes with remarkable speed, minimizing the possibility of late fax deliveries

“Our organization has been using this iFax service for a few months now, and it has been working very well. The customer service team are excellent, they have been very helpful in explaining our usage and how we can benefit from upgrading to a better package that will cost us less instead of trying to sell us more than we need.”
Shamin R.
Digital Marketing Mentor
eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison
eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison

iFax's API uses military grade encryption for security

iFax prioritizes security in all areas, including its API. It uses strong end-to-end encryption, providing high-level protection. This encryption safeguards faxes sent via the API from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. The online fax service further enhances security by providing detailed activity logs, preventing breach attempts that could compromise the safety of confidential fax data.

Meanwhile, eFax Corporate API’s TLS 1.2 ensures that any faxes sent or received via this service are encrypted, making it significantly more difficult for unauthorized individuals or entities to intercept or access fax content during transmission. The system also has audit logs for all sent and received faxes.

“Faxing is not necessarily a thing of the past. And when you need it, it needs to be quick and easy without the headache of maintaining a fax machine. iFax is the perfect fit.”
Jerry Manager
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iFax is fully compliant with several industry laws

iFax guarantees compliance with crucial regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR by using robust security measures such as AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 security protocols to protect data during transmission. It also offers multifactor authentication for user logins, regularly audits security, and strictly adheres to the security standards set by these regulations.

Similarly, eFax Corporate offers HIPAA compliance for safeguarding protected health information (PHI). It also adheres to PCI-DSS, GLBA, and SOX standards for comprehensive data protection. The fax service is also willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

“Overall, iFax is easy to use, and I like it. I work in the health industry. It is important for me to have software with HIPAA compliance. It is worth to pay money to be compliant.”
Natsumi M. Business Owner
eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison
eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison

iFax allows robust integration

iFax’s REST API easily integrates with a variety of business applications and software platforms. You can utilize this service to add fax sending and receiving to CRM systems, EMR systems, and specific tools for workflow automation.

eFax Corporate provides the convenience of faxing directly from essential business applications such as CRMs, ERPs, or Electronic Healthcare Systems (EHR) through its secure API. 

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“Great customer service! The Google Workspace integration has been great for our organization. Everyone likes it compared to our previous service.”

Omar C., IT Expert (Non-Profit)

The iFax API is best for high volume faxing

iFax’s Fax API is capable of efficiently managing high-volume faxing demands. Whether your organization needs to send thousands of faxes each month, our fax service guarantees speedy and dependable delivery. Additionally, you can effortlessly scale up as your requirements expand by adding more pages to accommodate higher volumes for your fax broadcast.

eFax Corporate streamlines the process of reaching out to a large number of recipients by allowing the sending of the same fax to 200 different email addresses or fax numbers in one go.

“I could fax documents uploaded in my Google Drive easily thanks to ifax. The application is user friendly with easy functionality.”

Chris F.
eFax Corporate vs iFax: Fax API Comparison

Switch to iFax’s API for scalable fax integration for any business size

Seamlessly integrate our iFax API functionality with your existing business systems and healthcare applications.
“Game Changer”

“Overall experience is amazing. We are not submitting documents to government agencies as they are completed without waiting weeks for the mail service to deliver them. Clients lives will be greatly impacted for the better as this has cut out waiting time. The ease of setup and the ability to send fax directly from my computer without having a dedicated phone line.”

Phillip B., Team Leader (Non-Profit)