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Fax Inbox


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Fax Inbox

What is a fax inbox?

Like an email inbox, an online fax inbox is a virtual space where your fax is stored for convenient viewing. With your fax inbox, you can access your faxes from anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

iFax allows you to fax on the go and have instant access to important documents from remote locations.

Our online fax inbox is very easy to use and manage. With an electronic fax service like iFax, you can organize all your business faxes in one convenient location.

Manage received faxes in a few clicks

With iFax, keeping track of your faxes is a breeze and the same on any device size:

  1. Go to the iFax website and Log in to your account, then navigate to the Inbox tab on your web dashboard.
  2. By now, you should see a list of sent and received faxes.
  3. Click on the specific fax you want to view. Alternatively, you can use the search function to locate a particular fax.
  4. To filter and sort faxes, use the organization tools provided. Sort faxes by method, fax line, status, and date.
  5. Clicking the checkbox next to a fax will allow you to perform various actions like delete, label, forward, or reply. You can also select multiple faxes by clicking the checkboxes next to them. Once you’ve done so, you can apply specific actions at once.
  6. To move a fax into a sub-folder, you must first create the sub-folder within your main fax folder.
  7. Then, you can select the fax you want to move and click the Move icon to proceed.
Fax Inbox
Fax Inbox

Smart fax inbox designed for simplicity

Nothing beats having a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to manage your electronic fax communications. Our online fax service lets you see and sort through your faxes without a complicated system.

Once you’ve set up a fax number, you can immediately configure your fax inbox to notify you however you want whenever you receive a fax. You can also sort faxes into folders, carry out bulk fax actions, and customize your inbox by assigning faxes to specific users.

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