Fax OCR software for efficient data extraction.

Effortlessly extract and enhance unstructured data from fax documents, ensuring scalable and secure data integration with EMR systems.

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Transcribe texts with optical character recognition

ocr transcription for online faxing

OCR transcription built into your fax service

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts texts on an image into computer-readable texts. When you scan and fax a document, the computer saves it as an image file, and this may be a hassle if you want to use and edit the text on the image document. Fax OCR converts these scanned documents into editable texts.

iFax uses OCR technology to scan and convert these non-editable fax files into machine-readable texts and editable fields. OCR works with various files, including handwritten notes, digital records, and images.

Not only can OCR improve document sharing and management, using this technology reduces errors and saves time spent on manual data entry. 

Use fax OCR for a more seamless document workflow

Convert image documents into Word or doc files using the iFax online OCR feature. Here is how to use the OCR converter on iFax:

  1. Log in to your iFax account.
  2. Go to Settings, and under the General tab, click OCR & Data Export. Here, you can edit settings related to the iFax OCR functionality.
  3. You may toggle the Automatic conversion of images from new faxes.
  4. You can now open existing faxes and click on the OCR menu at the top to convert the fax files into searchable text.
  5. Creating custom fields for names, dates, and other information is also possible.

Once you’ve activated the fax OCR feature, you can toggle the search button on your dashboard to index converted searchable texts. This option will make it easier to locate and sort fax images that iFax has already scanned and converted.

Note: For enhanced convenience, you may download the OCR results in a .txt file format without any accompanying JSON code. 

Reduce cost, boost productivity

Fax OCR is a great way to introduce AI into your organization’s faxing as you can supercharge your team’s efficiency while reducing expenses.

Conversions are not limited to image documents as the OCR software scans documents that are handwritten in print or cursive and provides them in editable format.

Leverage fax OCR and make document management a breeze.
Elevate your fax process. Scan, transcribe and send valuable fax data using optical character recognition.