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Send and receive faxes online with your new dedicated fax number or use your current one. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility iFax offers. Switch now and port the existing fax number with ease.

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You don’t have to update your clients, vendors, and suppliers about your new fax number. Port your current business fax number to iFax and send and receive faxes just like before. It’s hassle-free!

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 Never miss a fax again. Receive faxes straight on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with real-time notifications. To make sure you’re updated, you can also get notified via email.



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iFax is one of the most trusted online fax services that provides a local or international fax number for customers. It also provides free porting on your existing fax business number with ease.

You don’t have to change to a new fax number so existing clients, customers, and vendors can continuously contact you with the same fax number. Send and receive faxes just like before. But this time, with iFax lightning faxing service built for all types of businesses.

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Enjoy iFax fully-compliant e-faxing features and your contacts won’t even notice you have switch to an online fax service. No hidden fees, no setup costs. iFax promises seamless transfer for a more convenient and more flexible experience for you.

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Switch to a cost-effective way to fax online and still use your existing fax number

Whether you’re a new customer who wants to get a new local fax number for free or would rather port your existing one, iFax lets you do it seamlessly. More than 5 million users are delighted in using it. Find out why they are happy and productive with our online fax service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Even with the advent of more modern communication technologies, fax remains one of the most reliable document-sharing tools trusted by millions worldwide. Big industries like the healthcare sector and law enforcement still heavily rely on this technology. Faxing offers better safety and security measures than email or other messaging applications, making it an ideal tool for sending documents with highly-sensitive data.

Faxing technology has evolved so much over the last couple of years. It is not the same as it was in the 90s. With the growing popularity of online faxing, it’s no longer necessary to have a fax machine and a dedicated phone line. You can simply send faxes straight from your mobile device or computer. You do, however, still need a fax number to transmit important files and documents.

So what exactly is a fax number? A fax number is a unique set of numbers used to contact your fax machine or, in this case, online fax providers. A typical fax number consists of country code, area code, and your fax number.

To send a fax using a fax machine, you need to dial the fax number first like you would if you wish to make a phone call. Then you press send to fax your document. On the other hand, online faxing works the same way as sending an email, except you type in the recipient’s fax number instead of their email address. Then you attach the document you wish to transmit. Needless to say, online faxing is easier and more convenient.

The beauty of online faxing is that you no longer have to be confined to an office to send a fax to your clients or colleagues. A fax machine is no longer necessary. You also do not need to invest in fax servers or modems. And you do not need your own dedicated phone line. Online fax providers like iFax make it possible to transform your smartphone, tablet, or computer into your very own mobile fax machine.

With online faxing solutions, you still need a fax number to start sharing documents. But how do you get a fax number without an existing landline or phone line? Is that even possible? With iFax, it certainly is. When you sign up with iFax, you are entitled to get a free fax number. Once you have completed the account creation process, you then need to select your desired country code, city and/or area code, and fax number. You can also have multiple fax numbers using the same account. You might have to pay extra for the other online fax numbers.

If you already have an existing fax number, you also have the option to retain it by porting your old fax number to iFax. Porting a fax number means you do not have to update your contact information, ensuring a smooth communication flow between you and your clients.

Switching to an online faxing service lets you enjoy the safety and convenience of traditional faxing without the hassle of installing any bulky hardware and wires. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also a more cost-effective option.

To start sending documents via fax, you first need to have your own fax number. What does a fax number look like? A fax number looks exactly like your regular phone number. Both look like a unique series of numbers. A typical fax number usually contains your country code, your area code, and your fax number. Some fax numbers, on the other hand, do not contain an area code if you are only faxing locally.

So how long is a fax number? The length of your fax number depends on a number of factors. A local fax number is generally shorter than an international fax number. The latter contains additional digits called an exit code. An exit code ensures that your fax number reaches the international switchboard. Meanwhile, a toll-free fax number might also vary in length.


Does a fax number on an online fax solution look different from that traditional fax number? Not entirely. Again, it depends on whether you created a local or international number for your fax service.

One of the most significant advantages of using an online faxing service is that you do not necessarily need a dedicated phone line to get your own fax number. Your fax providers usually assign your virtual fax number.

With iFax, you have the option to choose from our selection of free fax numbers. When you sign up with iFax, you can get your free fax number, even while on our time-limited free trial. You can generate a local fax number or a toll-free one if that’s what you prefer. You can create your online fax number after you have completed the account creation process.