Get a free fax number or port it to iFax

Avail a new fax number or make the switch to iFax and still use your existing number

  • Dedicated fax numbers are available to new users
  • Keep your business fax number and transfer it 
  • No need to update your contacts and print-ads
  • Customers can reach out to you 24/7
  • Porting your existing fax number only takes 3-5 days
  • Generate a toll-free number or a fax local number

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The most-trusted online fax service that works on your existing fax number

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Powerful Mobile Fax Solution

Send and receive faxes online with your new dedicated fax number or use your current one. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility iFax offers. Switch now and port the existing fax number with ease. 

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Fax With Your Current Number

You don’t have to update your clients, vendors, and suppliers about your new fax number. Port your current business fax number to iFax and send and receive faxes just like before. It’s hassle-free!

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Advanced Encryption

iFax uses military-grade encryption to ensure that all fax transmissions are secured and protected. The online fax service is equipped with 256-bit end-to-end encryption and complies to GLBA and HIPAA regulations. 

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Get Real-Time Updates

Never miss a fax again. Receive faxes straight on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with real-time notifications. To make sure you’re updated, you can also get notified via email. 



Send and receive faxes with a dedicated fax number.



Fax transmissions are protected by 256-bit encryption.



Send a fax for as low as $.01 per page in just minutes.



Customer support is available 24/7 for all concerns.


World-Class Service

Lightning fast online fax trusted by millions worldwide.


Cloud Storage

Manage faxes in the cloud with unlimited storage.


Easy Sync

Access all faxes in any device wherever you go.


HIPAA and GLBA Compliant

Fully compliant with enterprise-grade features.

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Free fax number with our online faxing solution

iFax is one of the most trusted online fax services that provides a free local fax number for new customers. It also provides free porting on your existing fax business number with ease. 

You don’t have to change to a new fax number so existing clients, customers, and vendors can continuously contact you with the same fax number. Send and receive faxes just like before. But this time, with iFax lightning faxing service built for all types of businesses.

Keep your existing fax number and without set up costs. 

You don’t have to update each of your contact. No need to edit your business card, website, brochure, and other print-ads. Simply port your existing fax number to your new online fax service, making the switch hassle-free. 

Enjoy iFax fully-compliant e-faxing features and your contacts won’t even notice you have switch to an online fax service. No hidden fees, no setup costs. iFax promises seamless transfer for a more convenient and more flexible experience for you.  

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Switch to a cost-effective way to fax online and still use your existing fax number

Whether you’re a new customer who wants to get a new local fax number for free or would rather port your existing one, iFax lets you do it seamlessly. More than 5 million users are delighted in using it. Find out why they are happy and productive with our online fax service. 
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5M+ Happy Users

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