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Email to Fax
Email to Fax
Email to Fax

More than 5 million users across 20,000+ companies rely on iFax email-to-fax services.

Email to Fax

iFax is the most widely used email to fax service that enables users to send and receive faxes directly from their email . With iFax, users can conveniently manage their fax communications digitally, enjoying the benefits of speed, security, and seamless integration with their existing email infrastructure.

How to Send a Fax via Email

  1. 1

    Compose a new email

    Simply add and your recipient's fax number.
  2. 2

    Attach documents

    Upload the files you need to fax from your cloud storage, smartphone, or computer and press send.
  3. 3

    Get updates in real-time

    Stay updated with fax transmissions and delivery notifications.
  1. Compose a new email

    Simply add and your recipient’s fax number.

  2. Attach documents

    Upload the files you need to fax from your cloud storage, smartphone, or computer and press send.

  3. Get updates in real-time

    Stay updated with fax transmissions and delivery notifications.

Email to Fax
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Fax From Email – Send and receive faxes from any email application

Free email to fax from gmail or outlook

Make use of a secure email-to-fax service when you subscribe to the iFax Professional plan. Access all incoming and outgoing faxes in your email.

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online fax using gmail account

Email to fax using Gmail

Experience the convenience of sending a fax directly from your Gmail account when you choose iFax. Our secure, user-friendly email-to-fax service transforms your Gmail inbox into a versatile fax machine, enabling you to send fax from Gmail.

Email to fax from Outlook

Take advantage of modern technology and start to fax from Outlook with iFax. No need for traditional fax machines – with iFax, you’re empowered to handle all of your fax communications directly within Outlook.

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cloud faxing using email address

Email to fax using iCloud Email

Make faxing an effortless task with your iCloud Email account with the help of iFax. It’s modern, convenient, and perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

Email to fax from Yahoo Mail

Leverage the power of digital technology with your Yahoo Mail when you sign up for iFax. Fax from Yahoo Mail simplifies your communication workflow and embeds faxing smoothly into your digital routine.

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sending fax using email account

Send and receive faxes via email without downloading any software

Send faxes from Gmail or receive faxes via email from a smartphone or computer without the need of a fax machine. Stay on top of your faxes as effortlessly as you do with your emails.

Secure email-to-fax service

All faxes are protected with 256-bit AES encryption and are GLBA and HIPAA compliant. iFax email-to-fax secures professional faxing online.

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Email to Fax

Receive fax to email

iFax users can receive faxes via email to their Gmail or Outlook email addresses. Making everyday faxing simple and efficient.



Send a fax via email as easily as if you are sending an email, anytime on any device.



No need to print documents when you use email-to-fax, just attach and send them quickly.



Manage all your faxes in your inbox and maintain an encrypted fax history in iFax storage.


Human Support


256-bit TLS





You don’t need a physical fax machine to send and receive faxes anymore with our email-to-fax solutions. Faxing has now become digital, which means you can do it all from your email account. Email to fax is the process of sending a fax online through email.

You can attach your documents to an email and send them to the recipient’s fax number. The online fax service will then take care of the rest, sending your faxes directly to the recipient’s fax machine. Similarly, you can also receive faxes now to your email inbox. This can be a great way to save paper and time, as you no longer need to print out physical documents.

Plus, it’s much more convenient to send and receive faxes this way – all you need is an internet connection, an online fax service subscription, and an email account. So next time you need to send a fax, don’t reach for the phone – fire off an email instead.

Interestingly, you can also send an email to fax machine via Gmail and Outlook. You can send a fax from Gmail and send a fax from Outlook using your mobile device.

The process of how to send email to fax is very simple, and it’s as if you’re just sending an email attachment.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up for an online fax service subscription like iFax. Once you’ve done that, you can start sending email to fax instantly.
  2. Compose a new email on your Gmail as you normally would, then enter the recipient’s international fax number in the “Subject” field. The “To” field should have the email address.
  3. Add a cover sheet if you like. Attach the document you need to fax from your local computer or import from Google Drive.
  4. When you’re ready to send, just click the “Send” button, and your email will be converted into a fax and sent to the recipient’s fax machine.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to email to fax using Outlook, the process is also straightforward.

  1. Visit and sign in to your email account.
  2. Create a new email as you would normally.
  3. Use iFax online fax service. Compose a new email and enter the recipient’s international fax number in the “Subject” field. The “To” field should have the email address.
  4. Attach documents you need to fax.
  5. Hit the “Send” button and it will be delivered from your fax provider’s email to the recipient’s fax number.

Receiving a fax via email is simple with iFax. All you need is an email address and an internet connection, and you can be up and running in minutes.

There’s no need to install any special software or hardware, and we provide full support for all major email platforms. Plus, our email-to-fax feature is completely free to use on Plus and Professional plans.

Simply enter the email address you want to use to receive faxes, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your faxes will be delivered straight to your inbox, and you can view them online or download them as PDFs.

Here are a few steps to follow to receive fax to email.

  1. Go to iFax and register your new account. Choose the Plus or Professional plan to get a free fax number.
  2. Receive up to 500 pages every month if you choose the Plus plan, and 1,000 pages every month on Professional Plan.
  3. Go to dashboard and you will see iFax’s welcome message. It’s a sample of a received fax.
  4. The fax is in PDF format, you can view, delete, print, or save it.
  5. You can ask someone to send a fax to your fax number and test out the receive fax to email.

You will receive an email fax notification whenever there’s an incoming fax, so you won’t miss any important fax anymore.

Receiving a fax via email is a great way to stay connected without investing in bulky fax machines. You can receive fax on your mobile device email app anywhere you go.

Fax-to-email services are great for anyone who needs to receive faxes but doesn’t have a dedicated fax line.

With a fax-to-email service, you can have your faxes delivered right to your inbox, where you can view them just like any other email. And the best part is that there are plenty of free fax-to-email services available.

Just do a quick search online and you’ll find several options. Once you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to start receiving faxes right away.

For instance, if you sign up for iFax, you’ll enjoy a free fax to email service using the Professional plan free trial. You have a dedicated fax number and you can send and receive up to 1000 pages.

Subscription-based online faxing can be a great way to save time and money, as you won’t have to worry about setting up a separate fax line or buying a fax machine.

Most fax-to-email services will give you a unique email address that you can use to send and receive faxes. If you use iFax fax by email, you can send the fax to and then the subject line will have to be filled in the recipient’s international fax number.

Overall, if you’re looking for a free fax-to-email service, you’ll have to sign up or subscribe to a plan. iFax provides a 7-day free trial so you can evaluate all the features, risk-free.

Absolutely! iFax allows you to fax documents directly from your email account. You can do this using an email-to-fax feature, which turns your email into a digital fax machine.

Yes, you can email to a fax number. In fact, this is becoming the best option for those who need an easy and convenient way to send documents securely.

The most popular way of emailing a fax is through the use of online services such as iFax. All you need is your recipient’s fax number in order to successfully send the document.

Most online fax services will give you the option of attaching PDF, Word files or other various documents that are supported by their service before being sent over as a digital transmission.

Emailing to a fax number has become popular due to its many advantages compared traditional methods such as traditional faxing or scanners – making it easier than ever before to get important business documents where they need go without hassle (or time!) – which makes it no surprise why more businesses are turning towards online faxing solutions like iFax.

Setting up fax to email with iFax involves a simple process for both sending and receiving faxes. To send a fax, you first need to sign up for an iFax subscription. When sending a fax, you compose an email as usual, but you enter the recipient’s fax number in the “Subject” field and send the email to The content of the email, along with any attached documents, will then be faxed to the recipient.

To receive a fax via email, you should first register an account with iFax and choose either the Plus or Professional plan. These plans will provide you with a free fax number. Any faxes sent to this number will be converted into PDF format and delivered to your email, ensuring you never miss an important fax. iFax will also send you an email notification whenever there’s an incoming fax​

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