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Simple Fax Cover Sheet

What is a fax cover sheet

A fax cover sheet, also known as a fax cover letter, is a document that is sent with a fax to provide additional information. It includes details about the recipient, the sender, and the contents of the fax.

The details provided usually include the sender’s name and contact information, the name and contact details of the recipient, the subject of the fax, the date, and other special instructions (eg. requests for reply).

If it’s important to keep the contents of the fax private, the fax cover sheet can also include a confidentiality note.

Some fax cover sheets also include a space for the sender to sign. The recipient can send back the signed fax sheet to indicate that they have received and reviewed the fax. Fax cover sheets are often used to provide a professional and organized summary of all important information associated with the fax being sent.

What does a fax cover sheet look like

Fax cover sheets can vary in appearance and layout, but generally, they include the following information:

  • Sender’s name and contact information
  • Recipient’s name and contact information
  • The date the fax was sent
  • The subject
  • Notes or special instructions
  • A confidentiality statement
  • Signature

Depending on the sender’s intent and preference, the fax cover can use a basic, professional, modern, or casual design and layout.


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