Zapier Fax Integration

Empower your business tools with faxing capabilities.

Send and receive HIPAA & GLBA compliant faxes directly from Zapier

Equip your team with faxing capabilities from the familiar Zapier interface

Streamline fax workflow with a no-code integration

zapier fax integration


Seamlessly connect two applications
without needing coding experience.

fax automation with zapier

Leverage Zapier’s automation for a smoother business workflow.

Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between apps. Create chains of automated workflows by setting triggers and actions—no code required.

With Zapier fax, you can easily send, receive, and manage faxes from various applications without switching platforms. Extract data and sync automatically between iFax and your EMR, EHR, and CRM tools.

With Zapier, you can integrate iFax with thousands of apps, the possibilities are endless.

iFax triggers for Zapier.

A trigger is an event or condition that kicks off a Zap. When the trigger is fired, the action will run automatically.

  1. Connect iFax by signing in to your account. This allows Zapier to get access to your faxes.
  2. Start by clicking the Create Zap and choose iFax as the trigger application.
  3. Click Test triggers to ensure the Zap is connected to your iFax account.
  4. Now, select the trigger event you want to use for your Zap. For example, New Fax Received and New Fax Sent are the supported triggers for iFax integration. If you choose New Fax Received as the trigger event, you can set up a Zap to send you an email whenever you get a new fax.
ifax triggers for zapier workflow
zapier integration with ifax

Set up the appropriate action to finalize integration.

When you’ve verified that your triggers are correct, the next steps is to connect the app to where you want to send your iFax data.

For example, we can use Gmail as the action app:

  1. Connect the Gmail account you want to use for the Zap.
  2. Select the action events you want to perform with your Zap. The supported action events for Gmail include the following:
    • Create a draft
    • Send an email
    • Reply to an email
    • Find an email
  3. Set up the action by filling out the fields you need. For example, provide the email subject and the body
  4. After completing these steps, you can test the Zap to ensure it’s working before turning it on.
  5. After publishing your Zap, Zapier will handle the rest. It will automatically send out emails whenever you receive a new fax.

Create as many triggers and actions as you need. With Zapier and iFax, integration is as simple as it can be.

Manage faxes and connect with over 6,000 apps via Zapier.
Set up automated workflows and sync data automatically with just a few clicks.