If your company is facing a high volume of fax transmissions day in and day out, you should consider moving to a much more reliable and secure cloud fax solution. Secure fax servers not only safeguard your business processes but also improve productivity and deliver significant cost savings. Large organizations will likely already have an […]

If your organization is coming from the healthcare industry or medical background, there’s a high chance you are still sending faxes daily — which means you must have reasonable safeguards in place to ensure they are HIPAA compliant. Your organization must ensure that all Protected Health Information (PHI) being sent and received is safe according […]

All fax transmittals containing any type of medical information about a person must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. This means that companies and individuals handling protected health information (PHI) should have strict protocols in place to ensure security and confidentiality. One such protocol is the fax cover sheet. This article […]

While you need to spend money to make money in business, there are ways to limit your overhead expenses and increase your net income. Operating expenses can easily eat into take-home profits, and many small businesses have shut down because they failed to monitor their spending. In this article, we talk about the typical overhead […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for telemedicine services, with doctors now providing one-to-one consultations and issuing prescriptions virtually. This also means that patient health information is transmitted online. While the absence of in-person consults is convenient, it calls for more stringent telemedicine security safeguards to protect healthcare privacy. In this article, we discuss […]

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes administrative responsibilities in the healthcare industry that keeps an organization running smoothly. Unfortunately, these administrative duties are not free. However, there are a few different methods for reducing administrative costs in healthcare. Read on to learn more about administrative costs and how you can streamline these processes. What are Administrative […]

Patients’ information and medical records are confidential. With that said, all healthcare providers, institutions, business entities, and data storage and transfer systems are responsible for ensuring the highest level of privacy and security. There are several laws and policies in place to safeguard the secure usage, storage, and transfer of medical information. In this article, […]

Wherever there’s an office, you will most likely find a fax machine. This device has been a fixture in many workplaces since the 70s (though it was invented in the 1800s) and has seen itself evolve to meet technological demands through the years. What is faxing? The main function of a fax machine could be […]

Sending and receiving faxes is still very much a practice all over the world today, although how documents are transmitted has certainly evolved. In the past, offices had to have a dedicated fax machine that’s connected to a landline and endure the printing volume. At present, all one needs to do is tap a few […]

The immense benefits of sending online fax versus traditional faxing are no longer a secret. It absolutely takes away your worry of paper, ink, toner, landline, and of course, a physical fax machine. Depending upon your internet service provider and your subscription plan, there are various methods that allow you to send a free international […]