Well known in the faxing industry, eFax offers plenty of unique design features to make sending and receiving faxes easy. The company’s “eFax Plus” option offers an all-encompassing package that covers all your faxing needs. However, eFax is just one of a handful of online fax services and apps out there. Be sure to check […]

Our cell phones transcend the normal call and text functions. Today, cell phone users can bank, game, email, and more—tasks usually reserved for laptops or desktop computers. In addition to traditional PC tasks, advanced technology has allowed the fax machine to evolve with technology. Users can now connect their fax machines to their cell phones. […]

Fax is often a preferred method of communication for doctors because it is HIPAA compliant. Nonetheless, there are a few extenuating circumstances where a fax with confidential information ends up in the wrong hands. When sending a fax with confidential information, you want to ensure that the correct person receives it. Including a fax disclaimer […]

Fax is a reliable and timely solution that’s a prevalent communication method around the globe. Some industries and organizations that still use fax today include healthcare, finance, and government institutions. According to a 2017 survey conducted by International Data Corporation or IDC, these industries experienced net growth in their fax usage. With fax remaining a […]

It may be 2020 and we may be planning how to get astronauts to Mars, but many of us still rely on outdated faxing technology, because we need to send and receive faxes. In fact, communicating via fax is essential for a lot of industries. From medical to insurance, real estate to legal, the need […]

If you need to send or receive a fax for your business or personal use, here is our run down of the top 5 fax apps 2020. But first, what are the benefits of using a fax app rather than sending a fax via a traditional fax machine? Benefits of a fax app If you […]

With the ongoing pandemic and all of us needing to WFH, getting back to an office as a realtor is looking more and more unlikely this side of Christmas. To that end, what essential online services and tools do you need to help keep your real estate business running smoothly through the pandemic and beyond? […]

The modern business world is moving so quickly and as it does, so our reliance on technology to communicate better grows stronger with it. To ensure insurance companies are offering the best service to their customers, they need to invest in the best business communication tools available. Because excellent communications should be at the heart […]

In today’s real estate industry, there is no place for outdated technology, and that includes the fax machine. But isn’t this an article highlighting the need for realtors to use fax? Well yes, but online fax, not traditional analog fax.   Real Estate Fax The real estate industry is incredibly vulnerable to hackers and breaches […]

Being HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant in healthcare is vital. This piece of legislation introduced in 1996 transformed the healthcare industry for the better. But why is it so important and what are the benefits of being HIPAA compliant for medical firms? And more importantly, are you making these 5 HIPAA compliance […]