adding notes to fax
May 31, 2023

Adding Notes to Faxes: Useful Tips for Easier Note-Taking

Adding notes to either your sent or received electronic faxes can help you have an organized workflow. These notes are…

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HP 920 Fax Machine

HP 920 Fax Machine: Why You Should Upgrade Today

In day-to-day operations, online faxing has been an integral way of communicating and sending out correspondence. However, not everyone has…

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Sharp UX-B700 Fax Machine

Sharp UXB700 Fax Machine: Modernize Your Office Operations

Online faxing has made it easier for companies to communicate with one another. As online faxing solutions continue to grow,…

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Brother Fax 2890

Brother Fax 2890: Solving Your Online Faxing Concerns

With the growing integration of smart devices and the internet in today's business landscape, online faxing has certainly made it…

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hipaa willful neglect - featured image

HIPAA Willful Neglect: Understanding, Avoiding, and Responding to Violations

Companies and organizations are legally responsible for complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). However, many business…

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HIPAA Password Requirements

5 Fundamental HIPAA Password Requirements You Need to Know

The ongoing shift to digital solutions in the healthcare industry has undoubtedly helped numerous organizations provide better quality care to…

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hipaa rights violation

HIPAA Rights Violations: What You Need to Know and How to Respond

Over the past two decades since its implementation, the Office for Civil Rights received more than 300,000 HIPAA violation complaints.…

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