Faxing seems an outdated way to send documents to some people, but the fact is, faxing isn’t dead. It’s alive and has improved since the dawn of the internet. Perhaps you’re imagining a bulky fax machine and a pile of papers you need to tend to at the office, not to mention the annoying paper […]

If you’re asking yourself the question, “where can I find a one time fax service near me?”, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! By the end of this article, you’ll never have to ask the same question ever again. If by faxing service you mean a faxing machine, it’s time for you to learn a […]

There are a lot of benefits with using a fax API for business. This is why a lot of companies still use innovative faxing practices because it has perks that emailing doesn’t have. Unlike traditional faxing, you no longer need a fax machine with a fax API. With this change, faxing becomes more convenient, easier […]

Sending and receiving faxes online is one of the most convenient ways to communicate to other institutions and individuals that require faxing sensitive documents. Gone are the days when you need a fax machine and a telephone line to get things done. In the era of the internet, smartphones and computers eliminate the use of […]

There are a lot of benefits to faxing. This is why companies, businesses and organizations of varying sizes still make use of faxing. But before we talk more about the benefits of faxing, how can you even send a fax if you don’t have a fax machine? Can you send a fax from Mac? If […]

With the innovation in technology, a lot of things have become much more convenient for us. One of which is sending faxes. When before there were still a lot of complexities and requirements to send fax, now it’s easy to send a free fax from a computer. Before, we still needed to have a fax […]

Faxing documents is the most reliable way to send someone physical copies securely without involving third-party couriers and individuals. If you are sending sensitive information, faxing is the way to go. The recipients will have the documents from their fax machines in just minutes. There’s also a better way to fax without a fax machine, […]

Do people still use faxing as a way to send and receive documents?  Have you heard of a fax app? Believe it or not, faxing is still being used today. Many companies prefer this method of communication over the modern way of communication, which is emailing. But with data and security breaches happening here and […]

While the fax machine can be considered old-fashioned, a lot of businesses still practice the use of faxing. However, with better technology, sending and receiving faxes has become more convenient. So, what are the advantages of an online fax service? You might be surprised with how beneficial an online fax service can be. In fact, […]

Although faxing may seem obsolete, some companies still require documents to be faxed to their clients rather than just emailing them. This is because faxing offers a more secure way of delivering important and confidential documents. But is there a way to fax near me? In particular, if sending contracts or if some destination does […]