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Dropbox Sync: A Quick Way to Back Up Your Online Faxes

September 08, 2022

Saving your files to a hard drive is no longer the most practical and reliable way to create a backup. In fact, doing so may pose a higher risk of data loss due to file corruption. And if the device is lost or physically damaged, data recovery is almost impossible. Also, using hard drives makes you vulnerable to security and accessibility issues.

Dropbox, a household name in cloud storage, provides a more efficient and effective way of managing your documents. It helps enhance your team collaboration while protecting your data. And with iFax’s latest feature release, Dropbox sync, you can now store your electronic faxes to the cloud without going through a complicated process.

Export Your Electronic Faxes to the Cloud with Dropbox Sync

Say goodbye to manually exporting your files from iFax to Dropbox. The Dropbox sync feature lets you back up your electronic faxes to the cloud with just a few clicks.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Sign in to your iFax account on our web-based application.

2. On your dashboard, click the hamburger icon (three dots) beside Folders.

3. Click Sync to Dropbox.

4. Sign in to your Dropbox account.

5. Grant iFax access to your information by clicking Allow.

6. You will see a pop-up message on your screen regarding the syncing process. Click Okay to proceed.

7. The process only takes a few minutes to complete. You will know once it’s done if you can already see the Dropbox logo beside Folders. You should also be able to see the iFax folder on your Dropbox dashboard.

8. To create a backup for your electronic faxes and documents, click the hamburger icon beside Folders.

9. Click New Folder and type in your desired folder name. Click Save.

10. Drag and drop the faxes you wish to save to the Dropbox folder you just created. If you want to sync the files in bulk, click the checkbox on the leftmost side of the menu bar. In the same vein, you can uncheck the files you do not wish to sync. You can also use the Move button.

One of the best parts of using Dropbox sync is that you can instantly see the files you saved to the cloud. Any changes you make or any file you add will reflect in real time, so you do not have to wait long to sync your faxes. You can rest assured that this won’t cause any delays or disruption to your workflow.

3 Key Benefits of Using Dropbox Sync to Store Your Faxes

Dropbox is trusted by millions of users worldwide — from students and professionals to multimillion-dollar corporations. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal if you want to build an efficient document management workflow. This cloud storage solution is cost-efficient and doesn’t require any fancy equipment to implement.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using Dropbox to store your electronic faxes.

Mobility and accessibility

Using our Dropbox sync feature allows you to access your faxes no matter where you are. You no longer need a flash or hard drive to access your files. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to view your documents using your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

As mentioned earlier, this new feature enhances collaboration. Since everything’s in the cloud, you can easily share your files and faxes with your team. Simply provide them with the link via email, and you’re good to go.

Safety and security

One of the biggest disadvantages of backing your electronic faxes up on hard drives is that anyone with the device can access your data. It also means they can alter or tamper with the documents without your knowledge. This is critical, especially if you have highly confidential documents in storage. When this happens, you will end up violating federal and international regulations.

Both Dropbox and iFax use military-grade encryption to ensure that your data is protected against any cyber threats. You can password-protect the faxes to make sure that only those who are allowed to access specific faxes can view them.

Efficiency and convenience

With Dropbox sync, you do not have to download your electronic faxes and upload them to the cloud one by one. This manual process not only takes quite a lot of time, but it is also prone to human error. When you do it manually, there is always the chance that you will misfile or lose a few files during the process.

When you use iFax’s Dropbox sync feature, you won’t have this problem. You can back up all of your faxes in just a few clicks. Anyone, even those with the least experience in cloud storage, can set it up. Plus, you can have everything up and running in minutes.

Enable Dropbox Sync and Create a Backup for Your Faxes

Losing a document can potentially put your organization in a lot of trouble. You may also face costly fines, profit loss, and unhappy customers. All these can be avoided if you diligently create a backup for all your documents, especially those containing confidential information.

Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox are designed for people who are always on the go. Our Dropbox sync feature can help you prevent data loss and improve your document workflow. In just a few steps, you can conveniently export all your faxes to the cloud. Enjoy this feature and more when you upgrade to our Professional plan at $25 per user per month. If you don’t have an account with iFax yet, be sure to sign up for one today and book a free demo.

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