Streamline online faxing with Hubspot integration

Fax directly from HubSpot effortlessly using our seamless iFax to HubSpot online fax integration. Enjoy automated file and contact sync without needing imports or manual data entry.

send online fax with hubspot

HubSpot Integration: How it Works

ifax and hubspot integration

Two-way sync

  • Data is shared between iFax and HubSpot in real-time
  • Quick setup with pre-defined field mappings
  • Your existing data will sync right away, and new updates will sync as they happen

Control and manage data​

Sync only the data you want. You can configure a one-way or two-way sync, which means you can sync data from one app to the other or back and forth between the two. You can also add a filter to any iFax field or HubSpot list to sync only what you want and nothing else.

manage fax data with hubspot
custom field mapping feature

Default and custom field mappings

You may opt to use our default field mappings to save time and keep your data clean and organized.

Or define custom mappings to have the flexibility you need.

iFax + Hubspot
With iFax's seamless HubSpot integration, managing your communications has never been easier.
Get started today and experience the power of iFax and Hubspot working together to supercharge your productivity!