Scan and fax from your mobile device

No need to print a document, just scan and fax it online.

Effortlessly scan and sign a fax from your mobile device

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scan and fax from mobile device

#1 Fax app with document scanner technology for easy faxing

scan and fax on mobile phone

Scan & Fax on Mobile

iFax allows you to send and receive faxes from your iPhone or Android devices, equipped with a document scanner technology. Just scan a document you need to fax and send it right away.

scan on the go
Adjust and Customize

To send a fax from your iPhone or Android phone, scan a photo, crop the image, adjust the brightness, sharpness, and contrast. Optimize images and produce high-quality faxes with brightened backgrounds.

quick scan access

Quick Access to Scan Button

iFax is user-friendly with an intuitive design that gives you quick access to the scan button once you tap the ‘New Fax.’ Easily scan the document in full screen and edit it.

attach documents for faxing

Attach Documents

Take advantage of the email-to-fax feature that lets you send and receive faxes from your device. Send a fax from Gmail or your favorite email client. Take a photo or scan a document and send it as an attachment in JPG format.

secure and compliant online fax

Guaranteed 100% Secure

iFax uses the highest level of security, powered by 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption, to protect all fax transmissions. All faxes are safe and protected on our GLBA and HIPAA-compliant app.

customize documents

Scan On The Go

No need to print documents, just scan them straight from your device.

secured faxing solution

100% Secured

All transmissions are protected with 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption.

cost efficient faxing


Subscribe to a faxing plan now and pay as low as $8.33 per month.

paperless faxing

Go Paperless

Save more paper and manage your faxes easily with your unlimited cloud storage.

top-rated faxing app

Highly-Rated App

World-class service with a proven track record in the mobile app industry.

mobile fax settings

Adjust Settings

Easily edit documents to produce high-quality faxes from your device.

easy syncing to other devices

Easy Syncing

Access all your faxes from any mobile device and log in anytime.

hipaa compliant online fax


Send faxes with confidence with our GLBA and HIPAA-compliant mobile fax app.

hipaa compliant scan to fax

HIPAA-compliant scan to fax feature on mobile devices

Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of iFax through its state-of-the-art scanning document technology. Convert your mobile phone into a portable scanner and send high-quality faxes on the go.

With our document scanner, you can adjust, crop, and customize the brightness and sharpness of your images to ensure you send clear and crisp faxes every time.

Alternatively, you can use our automatic mode for clear fax copies to speed up your faxing process. This innovative feature enhances the flexibility and efficiency of your business communications.

Scan, sign, and send documents in minutes

Finally, an easy way to digitize and send your paper documents online. Scan, sign, and send contracts or other important legal documents in minutes with our document scanning feature.

Fax documents directly from the app or attach scanned documents via email to fax option easily. What’s even better is that you can scan a unique QR code to upload documents directly from your mobile phone to our desktop application.

Tap the power of your mobile device and turn it into a portable scanner and fax machine with iFax. iFax simplifies your faxing process, making it a reliable tool in the era of digital business communication.

scan sign and send fax documents

More than 5 million customers rely on iFax

The possibilities are endless when faxing from your mobile device with iFax. With thousands of reviews about the service, signing and faxing documents is super easy. Scan and fax on the go and get notifications on your device. Start a plan and explore the features for free!

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