OneDrive Sync: Effortlessly Store Faxes to the Cloud

OneDrive Sync: Effortlessly Store Faxes to the Cloud

Switching to online faxing from legacy faxing definitely has its perks. Not only does it save your company hundreds of dollars, but it also improves your document management system. As faxes are transmitted digitally, organizing them requires less time, effort, and resources.

With iFax’s new OneDrive sync, managing your electronic faxes is now simpler, quicker, and more secure.

This new feature allows you to easily export your files from iFax straight to your OneDrive account with just a few clicks. Now, you can skip the manual drag-and-drop process to store your faxes to the cloud. You also do not need to download and reupload any of your documents, allowing for a more efficient backup process.

Why You Should Sync Your Faxes to OneDrive

Cloud storage, particularly OneDrive, has proven to be invaluable as companies shift from paper-based to paperless document workflows. Small, medium, and large-scale businesses all use OneDrive. It has helped organizations create a more efficient and effective document management system.

Here are more reasons why you should sync your faxes to OneDrive:


The beauty of our OneDrive sync feature is that you can access your faxes anywhere, using any device. Whether you are on your mobile phone or tablet, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can securely view your files whenever you need to. There’s no need to carry around storage devices like flash drives.

This makes it easier to share information with your colleagues for enhanced collaboration. Send them the link to a folder, and they should be able to view the documents. It doesn’t matter what device or operating system they use. When you export your electronic faxes to OneDrive, they can view your files without encountering compatibility issues.

Data Recovery

When you sync your faxes with OneDrive, you will never have to worry about losing important documents. Any faxes stored in the synced folder will automatically appear on the cloud.

As everything is stored in the cloud, less maintenance is required. There’s little to no downtime. You just need to remember to back your files up regularly. Don’t worry; the process takes less than five minutes. The best part? OneDrive sync updates in real time, so you can access a new file or folder immediately.

Security and Compliance

You might be used to saving your faxes on a flash or hard drive as backup, but these devices are not that reliable or secure.

First of all, it’s so easy to lose or damage them. The data in these storage devices can also get corrupted. Since the information is not encrypted, unauthorized persons can access your sensitive files without your knowledge or permission.

This is not the case for cloud storage. When you sync your faxes from iFax to OneDrive, you can rest assured that your files are safely stored. Only authorized persons can view or download your documents. And just like iFax, OneDrive uses robust encryption to keep your files protected against any threats.

This new feature on iFax comes especially handy for organizations that have to deal with highly confidential files like protected health information, contracts, banking information, and legal documents.

How to Enable OneDrive Sync on Your iFax Account

With iFax’s new OneDrive sync, you can export your faxes to the cloud in just a few steps.

1. Sign in to your iFax account using our web-based application.

2. On your dashboard, click the hamburger icon next to Folders.

3. Select Sync to OneDrive.

4. You will be redirected to Microsoft Online’s login page.

5. Enter your username and password, and log in to your Microsoft Online account.

6. Allow iFax to access your info. Click Yes to proceed.

7. Once you’ve linked your Microsoft account to iFax, you will see a pop-up message regarding the sync in progress. Click Okay.

8. Wait until the sync is complete. No matter the size of your data, it should only take a few minutes. To see if the sync is complete, go to your OneDrive account and look for an iFax folder.

9. Create a new synced folder by clicking the hamburger icon next to Folders. Select New Folder and enter the folder name. The synced folder will automatically appear in your OneDrive account under the iFax folder.

Any changes made to the synced folder will reflect on the cloud storage right away.

10. To store your faxes directly on your OneDrive from iFax, all you need to do is move the documents from your dashboard or inbox to the synced folder.

You can click the checkbox on the leftmost side of the menu bar if you wish to move all the files in one go. Click the Move button and select the appropriate folder. You should be able to see the files in OneDrive instantly.

That’s how easy it is to use the OneDrive sync feature on iFax.

Back Up Your Faxes with OneDrive Sync

As you can see, OneDrive sync is the ultimate time saver. With this feature, you do not have to spend hours sorting through your faxes and manually exporting them to the cloud. It lets you conveniently back up your faxes without the complicated process. All it takes is a few clicks to secure your data.

So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself. OneDrive sync is available to Pro users. Make sure to upgrade your plan today and explore our other time-saving features.

Don’t have an iFax account yet? Sign up and book a free demo.

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