Robust Fax API for limitless faxing functionalities

Works with JSON, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, and more

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Maintain secure connections to all fax transmissions

Developed for businesses and enterprises

Easy fax integration to existing platforms

Save time and streamline faxing process

Build customize faxing functionalities virtually

SaaS platform with global reach and 24/7 support



Powerful Fax API that developers will intuitively love to build with


Access to Documentation and Fax API Test Key for Staging Developers can sign up for free to get access to the simple documentation and API test key to get started on the development and deployment. Explore iFax API built for enterprises that aim to have seamless integration and customization of faxing features.


Easy-Peasy Integration on Applications API documentation is all set and well-prepared for developers to browse and understand the concepts for integration in less than an hour. Before you know it, your team can start sending faxes before your coffee turns cold. From legacy fax machines to the cloud, iFax API lets you build whatever you think works best for the business.


HIPAA and GLBA Compliant Fax API. Send, receive and queue faxes, create an automated system to schedule faxes, or set up auto sending for failed ones. Everything is possible with our GLBA and HIPAA compliant fax API. Create customized features such HIPAA compliant fax cover sheets. Create an additional layer of security for all accounts.



Flexible pricing plans for programmatically configured faxes.



Work with our developers for assistance in integration.



GLBA & HIPAA compliant fax API designed for every industry.


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Customer support is available 24/7. No chatbots or auto-replies.



Developer-friendly fax API to create proprietary algorithms for faxing.



Take your existing applications to the next level.


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Developers can explore and test the fax API for free.


Eliminate Errors

Build ultimate fax features to improve daily workflow.


Enterprise-friendly and secure HIPAA compliant fax API

Efficiency and security are the ultimate priorities in an enterprise environment. You need a faxing solution that’s easy to integrate into your existing application, system, or software, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

With iFax, we provide HIPAA secure cloud faxing for outbound faxes with a developer-friendly API that is supported in many programming languages such as JSON, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.

Reliable and secure all the way

Faxing is an integral part of your business. When convenience and security are compromised, it can be frustrating. But with iFax, you don’t have to worry about reliability and availability.

Our infrastructure has smart routing algorithms so you can deliver a premier faxing experience 365 days of the year – without any downtime.



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Enterprise-ready programmable iFax API is specifically tailored to increase compliance with federal regulations, ensure fast transmission times, so you never miss a crucial fax delivery. Get the tools you need to get started with our development team.