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Why iFax is the easiest way to send a one time fax online

Pay Per Fax Online

The cheapest
pay per fax service

With no monthly cost and pricing starting at $1.99 per page and no hidden cost, iFax is the best online fax service.

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Pay Per Fax Online

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There is no need to use a physical fax machine use our website or app to scan and send a one time fax.

Pay Per Fax Online

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With a simple to use and beautifully designed interface, iFax makes sending faxes online easy.

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Pay Per Fax Online

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iFax is the only solution to offer 24/7/365 human support through email or chat, with dedicated account managers for enterprise customers.

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Capture documents on the go with our mobile scanner, included with our mobile apps.

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Send faxes from any device using our website, mobile fax apps or email to fax capabilities.

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Maintain an encrypted fax history in the cloud with 1TB of secure storage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Faxing has certainly made a comeback in recent years with the introduction of online faxing. Unlike traditional faxing, the latest faxing technology offers a more convenient and accessible document sharing method. With an online fax solution, you can simply fax straight from your computer or mobile device. You do not need a fax machine or a dedicated phone line to transmit any amount of paperwork. So regardless of your faxing needs, online faxing can provide you with the right document-sharing solution.

Many online fax service providers offer monthly or annual subscription plans, wherein you pay a certain amount monthly or yearly to allow you to send a specific number of faxes and to gain full access to their other features. An online fax subscription is ideal for those who regularly deal with high volumes of faxing.

If, however, you only need to fax one or two documents to your bank or your insurance company, you can opt for pay-per fax service. As the name suggests, a pay per fax service only charges you for the number of faxes or pages you send. There are no strings attached. You do not need to cancel anything after you use their service.

You can instantly transform your computer, smartphone, or tablet into your own portable fax machine using a fax app. With the added convenience of the email to fax feature, you can fax whenever, wherever, using your email or the fax app. You just need to ensure you have a stable internet connection, and you can fax anytime with this flexible fax solution.

Generally speaking, online faxing is a lot more cost-effective than its traditional counterpart. The good old legacy faxing came with quite a hefty price tag. Not only do you have to invest in a bulky piece of hardware,i.e., a fax machine, but you also have to spend a considerable amount of money on fax servers, modems, and a dedicated phone line. With online faxing, you only need these three requirements: an internet connection, your preferred device, and online fax service.

Online fax providers offer a myriad of plans and services to suit your needs. Many providers offer subscription-basis services as well as one-time fax services. The latter specifically caters to those who only have to transmit one or two documents at a time. In some cases, providers charge you per page, while some charge per fax.

One of the advantages of using a one-time fax service is that you only pay for what you use. There are no monthly recurring charges to think about. Once you’re done sending your fax, you can simply log out of your online fax account and forget about it.

So how much does it cost to send a one-time fax online? iFax offers the cheapest pay per fax service in the market today. For as low as $1.99 per page, you can also access our other features, such as our built-in document scanner. You can fax from any device as we offer a HIPAA and GLBA-compliant, cross-platform faxing solution that works with Android and iOS users and Mac and Windows users.

With iFax, there are no hidden or extra charges. You only pay for every page you transmit.

Many individuals face the dilemma of needing to fax an important file or document but do not have any access to a fax machine or an outlet that offers fax services. It’s a common problem faced by many these days. Luckily, there are now plenty of online fax service providers like iFax that offer a myriad of faxing services to suit your every faxing need.

For those who only need to fax a couple of documents at a time, your best option is to look for a pay-as-you-go fax service. This type of fax solution only charges you per page, so you don’t have to worry about any monthly recurring charges. Only pay when you need to send fax transmissions.

Now, if you are wondering what type of device or equipment you need to take advantage of such a service, we’re here to tell you. The good news is that you do not need any fancy device or equipment to send a fax with iFax. You do not need any fax machine, fax modems or servers, and even a dedicated phone line.

When you use iFax for our pay-as-you-go fax service, you can simply use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You also do not have to worry about complicated setup. Our faxing solution is designed to be simple and fuss-free. You just need to download our application, sign up for an account, and you’re good to go. You can start using our pay-as-you-go fax service for only $1.99 per page.