eSignature Integration

Digitally sign faxes

Sign documents electronically and skip the process of printing faxes

Ensure legal and verifiable transactions with eSignature integration

Keep track of the status of your documents in real time

eSignature Integration


Simplify your document signing process
with electronic signatures.

eSignature Integration

Enable eSignature integration and sign faxes on the go.

With iFax, adding electronic signatures to your online faxes is easy. We have a built-in eSignature integration that automatically connects to Fill, a reliable eSignature tool.

Our eSignature integration offers a full suite of tools for electronic document signing. You can simply proceed and have your faxes signed online, making the process less tedious. You can even ask signatories to sign faxes without switching to other platforms.

Get your documents signed electronically.

Follow these simple steps to request fax signatures:

  1. Log in to iFax using your account email or password. You can also log in using Single Sign-On (SSO).
  2. Compose and send a new fax.
  3. Upon receiving the fax, your recipient will have the option to Fill or eSign. 
  4. The document will automatically open on Fill. From there, your recipient can sign the fax. They do not need to register for a Fill account to do this.
  5. Once signed, your signatory may return the document as an online fax by clicking Send as Fax from the Menu.

Note: The option eSign faxes is available when you preview a fax from the dashboard.

Go paperless with online eSign

Send and request fax signatures instantly and effortlessly. With iFax, your eSignature workflow can evolve along with today’s ever-changing business trends. So why stick with the conventional methods of faxing and document signing?

Our electronic signature integration allows faster business communication through paperless and inkless signing with each online fax. What’s more, you can keep a close eye on the status of your signature request to ensure timely completion of documents.

Improve document workflow with eSignature integration.
With iFax, you can fax signatures and request others to eSign your faxes via the web.