eSignature Integration

Digitally sign faxes

Sign documents electronically and skip the process of printing faxes

Ensure legal and verifiable transactions with eSignature integration

Keep track of the status of your documents in real time

sign faxes online


Streamline document signing with
integrated eSignatures for fax documents.

digitally sign fax documents

One tap eSignature integration for effortless fax signing

Easily add eSignatures to fax documents with iFax. Our built-in eSignature integration seamlessly connects to Fill, a trusted eSignature tool. This integration offers a complete suite of tools for electronic document signing, enabling you to sign faxes online effortlessly without the need to download, sign, and fax the documents separately. Simplify the signing experience for yourself and your signatories, all within the iFax platform.

How to request eSignatures on fax documents

Follow these simple steps to request fax signatures:

  1. Log in to iFax using your account email or password. You can also log in using Single Sign-On (SSO).
  2. Open the received fax you would like to e-sign.
  3. Find the signature icon at the top of the fax (it’s supposed to show “request signature” when you hover over it) and click on it.
  4. This will open the fill application, and on the pop-up, select Request Signature, enter the name and email address of the person who has to sign.
  5. Click on Setup.
  6. Now add the signature field (for the receiver to sign), add any other field you need information on, and click Send.

Your request to sign the fax will be sent over, and you will be notified at all of your receiver’s touchpoints with the fax

Elevate business faxing with integrated eSignatures

Streamline your fax signature process effortlessly with iFax. Send and request fax signatures instantly, adapting your eSignature workflow to the dynamic landscape of modern business. Why cling to traditional faxing and document signing methods?
Accelerates your business communication through paperless and inkless signing for every online fax. Monitor the status of your signature requests closely, ensuring the timely completion of crucial documents.

eSign fax documents, effortlessly.
With iFax, you can eSign faxes and request others to eSign your faxes online.