Investigate the charges that you see on your bank, credit card, debit card, or mobile billing statement.

  1. Identify if the charge is for a new or an existing active subscription made through our web app
    Click here to log in to our web app and verify your subscription status. Don't see an active subscription? Make sure you are logging in with your correct login information. Sometimes, you might have subscribed using a different or old email address, make sure you are using the correct one. If you want to cancel your subscription, click here to know more. If you want to process a refund, you can reach out to our support team here.
  2. Identify if the charge is from an in-app purchase or subscription through Apple, Google, or Windows.If the purchase was made through an in-app purchase, you need to login into your application store and manage your purchases and subscriptions directly through them. Want to know how to cancel your subscriptions? Click here. If you would like to process a refund, you have to do this directly with the application store yourself, check out the links below to know more:Apple in-app purchase:

    Google in-app purchase:

    Windows in-app purchase:

  3. Check payment receiptsIf you are still uncertain about the charges you see in your statements, try to search your email for payment receipts to get more information about your charges.
  4. Contact supportIf you have followed the steps above and are still having problems, contact our support team here for further assistance.

Contact iFax Support to close your account or to delete your application data:

iFax is the most secure way to transmit documents online or through a mobile app. As privacy and security are of paramount importance, iFax uses military-grade 258-bit AES encryption for every fax sent and received. iFax is in full compliance of HIPAA and GLBA regulations.

iFax offers the following plans to suit your specific requirements and usage:

iFax Basic: Designed for the occasional fax sender. This subscription will allow you to send faxes with online or using our suite of mobile apps

iFax Plus: Designed for professionals and businesses. Includes a custom fax number to receive faxes, as well as a greater allowance for outbound faxing.

iFax Professional: Enterprise plans are designed both and sending and receiving faxes with greater volume. Multiple fax numbers can also be included. You can customize a plan or contact our sales team for a personalized quote.

When creating fax, ensure that fonts are clear and dark and that the background is white. If you are photographing a document, make sure to properly focus the camera so that the text is crisp. Taking a photo in a bright room will help to achieve optimal clarity. Only fax text documents, not photos or pictures.

Please follow these steps for sending a fax:

  1.  Enter the recipient fax number
  2. Fill any details on the cover page
  3. Attach or scan a document
  4. Send

Note: You will need credits or an outbound subscription to send faxes.

Please follow the below steps:

iOS: Settings -> Log in/ Register.

macOS: Click on the iFax icon at the top-left corner of the task-bar -> Preferences -> Account -> Login/Register

Android: Menu -> Login/SignUp

Windows: Settings -> IfaxID -> SignIn/SignUp

Web App: iFax Web -> Click on the profile icon -> Enter email address to Login/SignUp

Please note that if you are not logged in while making the purchase, your purchase is linked to the device used. You will then just need to Log in/Register to your account on the same device to assign your purchase to your account.

Credits will never expire from your account. You can use the credits from any device or iFax app by logging in to your iFax account.

You can use promo code to share with your friend and you will receive 8 credits after any transaction by your friend. You can use these credits to send a fax.

You can change the language of the application through the Language settings of your device.

Please note that there are limited languages currently available with the application. We are constantly adding new languages to the application.

Below are different languages available with the application:

iOS: French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese

macOS: French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)

Android: French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic

Windows: English

Currently, we do not provide an option to modify a fax number.

You will not need an incoming fax number subscription to send faxes. You will only need credits to send your fax.

You can delete a draft through below steps depending upon the application you are using:

Swipe to left on the draft that you wish to delete and you will receive the option to delete the draft.

Right-click on the draft that you wish to delete to receive the option to delete the draft.

To delete a draft, long-press on the draft and you will receive the option to delete it.

Right-click on the draft that you wish to delete to receive the option to delete the draft.

You can send a fax without the cover page.
Just click on the edit icon at the top right corner of the cover page and selecting "Remove".

You will need to change the notification settings to receive your faxes as an attachment with your email.

Please make sure that you are logged in to the application. You can change notification settings by following steps:

iOS: Open Application -> Settings -> Notification settings -> Here you will get the option to change notifications.

macOS: Open Application -> Click on the ifax logo at the top left corner -> Preferences -> General -> Notification -> Reset the notification to receive the additional options.

Android: Open application -> Open Menu -> Notifications -> Select the toggle button for Attach Fax to Email as ON to receive your faxes as an email attachment.

Windows: Open Application -> Settings -> Notification -> Here you will get the option to change notifications.

Just click on the fax and tap on the edit button. You will be able to edit and resend the fax.

Your credits will automatically be refunded back to your account if a fax fails. You can reuse those credits to send a fax anytime.

You'll need to get a fax number and share your fax number with your contacts to receive a fax. You will get a fax push and email notification for each new fax. You can view faxes anytime from iFax.

The costs depend on the destination and number of pages in the fax that you are trying to send. For instance, you will be charged 8 credits to send one page to a US/Canada fax number. You can check the details on the "Prices" page.

You will be able to see a delivered stamp below your fax once the fax is delivered successfully. You will also receive a push notification and an optional email from upon successful delivery.

You can cancel your subscription with the specific payment platform: