Microsoft 365 Integration

Fax from Microsoft Office 365

Integrate a secure Microsoft fax solution with your organization’s workflow

HIPPA and GLBA-compliant faxing with 256-bit AES data protection 

Cost-effective multi-platform faxing for Microsoft apps

Microsoft 365 Integration


One Microsoft fax app for individual and teams

Microsoft 365 Integration

Make Office 365 your fax powerhouse

Save hours switching between apps by integrating iFax into your Office 365 account and fax from Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and any Windows app.

iFax seamlessly integrates with your organization’s accounts, eliminating the need for cumbersome fax infrastructure and providing you with a trusted Microsoft fax service for you and your team.

Once synced, you can fax from Outlook with email to fax and any Windows app with our print to fax feature.

Our intuitive interface allows you to access and share documents from one familiar location.

Send fax from Outlook 365

Send safe and fully encrypted faxes straight from your Outlook account with the iFax email to fax feature.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create an iFax account with your Outlook email
  2. Now, log in to your Microsoft 365 hub, open Outlook, and compose a new email.
  3. In the “To” field, enter, then type your recipient’s fax number in the subject field. Remember to format the fax number correctly, e.g., +12345678901.
  4. In the body of the message, you can type anything you wish to include on the fax cover. You can also add bold, underlined, or italic formatting.
  5. Attach the documents you wish to fax. You can upload the file from your computer, import it directly from OneDrive, and click send.

You will receive a notification in your mailbox confirming the successful transmission of your fax.

Microsoft 365 Integration
Microsoft 365 Integration

Receive faxes in your Outlook inbox

With iFax’s Microsoft 365 integration, you can ensure that you won’t miss any incoming faxes.

Here’s how to configure your iFax account to receive faxes straight to your Outlook inbox:

  1. Get a new fax number or port an existing fax number
  2. From your iFax web dashboard, go to Team. Then, select the email you use on Outlook.
  3. Click Edit, then under Permission Group, choose any of the following options:
    • Receiver
    • Sender+Receiver
  4. Click Save, then go to My Notifications > Inbound and select the Email option for New Fax Received.
  5. Switch on the toggle icon below Include Fax and click Save.

Pro tip: You may send a test fax to your Microsoft 365 account by typing your own fax number in the subject field.

No Need Switching between apps, fax from Office 365

Streamline your organization's workflow with a secure and trusted Microsoft fax service provider.