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Sending a PDF to fax is easy with iFax

Quickly fax a PDF from phone or computer

Fax PDF documents from Gmail, Google Drive, or iCloud

Integrated eSignature Tool and Document Scanner

Seamless document sharing and file organization

100% safe and private with military-grade encryption

HIPAA and GLBA compliant

Instant email alerts and delivery confirmations

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A versatile PDF to fax service that’s secure and easy to use

Fax Documents

Flexible Faxing

 With iFax, you can send any PDF by fax through email, cell phone, or computer. There’s no need for a fax machine or phone line. Our PDF to fax service is easily accessible using any device. Use iFax to conveniently fax PDF documents from iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

Fax Documents
Secure and

 Faxing important PDF documents shouldn’t be a worry when you’re using iFax. Our revolutionary online faxing service is HIPAA-compliant, plus it uses the highest level of encryption to protect and safeguard your information.

Fax Documents

Cloud-Based App Integrations

 Use iFax to directly upload and send a PDF by fax from Gmail, Google Drive, or iCloud. Our online fax service provides easy integrations to various applications making it easier to work as a team while streamlining your workload.

Fax Documents

OCR Scanner and Image Optimization

 iFax has an OCR scanner that you can use to scan, upload, and convert paper documents into PDFs. It also has an image optimization tool for adjusting image backgrounds and foregrounds. Aside from PDFs, iFax also supports other file formats like DOCs and images.


Military-Grade Encryption

Uses 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption to safeguard all fax transmissions.


Safe and Private

iFax has fully complied with the strictest privacy rules to keep your data safe and private at all times.



Access your PDF files from anywhere regardless of what device or platform you’re on.


Unlimited Storage

Get unlimited storage that’s not only secure but also easily accessible using any device.

Fax Documents


Automatically syncs all your PDF documents across multiple devices.


Top-Rated Service

Trusted by millions of users, iFax remains one of today’s most reliable online fax solutions.


Mobile Fax Applications

Install our dedicated mobile fax apps to conveniently fax PDFs from your cell phone, PC, or laptop.


Rock-Solid Customer Support

Our friendly support team is always on standby to assist, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Fax Documents

The easiest way to fax PDFs online

iFax makes it easy to send PDFs by fax to any fax number. Our fax service will automatically convert the PDF, making it compatible with any fax machine. Sending a PDF through fax is also very secure. We use the highest level of encryption to keep your data safe from malicious users.

With our integrated eSignature Tool, annotating and signing PDFs is quick and effortless. You can also use the Document Scanner to convert paper documents into PDFs. Start using iFax to improve turnaround times, get more tasks done and achieve optimum results.

How to Fax a PDF in 3 Easy Steps

Fax any PDF document online in just 3 easy steps:

1.) Open your iFax app or web dashboard. Click “New Fax.”
2.) Enter your recipient’s fax number.
3.) Upload or attach your PDF document and click “Send.”

With iFax, it’s easy to keep track of all your faxes via email alerts and delivery confirmations.

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PDF faxing made secure and effortless

Experience the modern way to fax PDFs. Set up an iFax account in minutes and choose a plan with features that best suits your needs. Upgrade your account at any time and never pay an overage fee.

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Fax Documents
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