EMR and EHR Fax

Secure fax integration with your trusted EHR and EMR Systems

Seamless and secure HIPAA-compliant EHR integration

Send and receive faxes directly from Epic, Elation Health, Cerner, and NextGen

No fax machine or bulky hardware needed

online fax for ehr and emr systems

EHR Fax integration
that's secure, scalable, and seamless.

send online fax from epic

Fax from Epic

Healthcare information exchange are now faster than ever, thanks to iFax. The iFax EHR integration allows users to send and receive faxes and get access to patient information from a single platform. 

To enable the integration, simply sign up for an iFax account and contact your Epic representative. You can also schedule a free consultation with one of our EHR integration experts.

Fax from Cerner or NextGen

With our flexible and customizable EHR Fax integration, you can incorporate fax functionalities into any existing EMR or EHR solutions.

Whether your organization is using Cerner, NextGen, or other EHR software, iFax can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

sending fax from cerner or nextgen

Fax from Elation Health

Set aside the physical fax machines and opt for a solution that enhances your organization’s ability to coordinate care.

Integrating iFax’s faxing capabilities with Elation Health’s clinical-first electronic health record platform protects PHI and helps your organization comply with HIPAA.

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