Company Fax Page

Make it simple for customers to send you a fax.

Design your custom business fax page

Streamline inbound, secure document workflows

Optimize your data security and HIPAA compliance

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Company Fax Page

Receive faxes instantly with a company fax page.

How Does a Company Fax Page Work?

With iFax, you can set up a dedicated fax page for your business in a few easy steps. Once the page is up and running, you can share the URL with your contacts or anyone who needs to fax you. 

Having a company fax page significantly improves your communication process. All incoming online faxes will go straight to your web dashboard, eliminating the need to manually and individually sort and organize them. 

How to Set Up a Company Fax Page on iFax

  1. On your dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Select Online Fax Page.
  3. Set up your company page by adding your company name, logo, and fax number.
  4. Customize other details, such as including a tagline or greeting to the sender.
  5. Select between Free for Visitors or Visitors Will Pay.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the details on your dedicated fax page, click Save.
  7. Before sharing the URL with your contacts, review the page to ensure everything is to your liking.

Sending a Fax Using the Company Fax Page

  1. Click on the dedicated fax page URL, then click Send Fax.
  2. Type in the necessary details.
  3. Attach the files you wish to send.
  4. Hit Send.
  5. A confirmation window will pop up, prompting you to pay upon checkout. Click Continue.
  6. Enter your email address, then click Next.
  7. Enter your credit card information, then click Next. You will be charged based on the number of pages you will send.
Effortlessly Collect Vital Documents With Your Own Company Fax Page
Say goodbye to complicated fax machines and easily receive faxes from your computer.