How does online faxing work?

Not so long ago every office used to have a physical fax machine, these machines were big, expensive and often a real pain to use. But in today’s world, you can still send and receive faxes but there is no need for the physical fax machine.

This is because of cloud-based faxing providers like iFax who revolutionized the way we can send faxes today by still using the secure route of faxes but you can now send and receive the faxes via email, PC or mobile or in the iFax app.

So now as commonly known internet faxing is much simpler than the traditional way of sending and receiving faxes.

Internet faxing is as secure as the traditional fax with internet fax services having to comply with HIPAA and GLBA compliance.

Another advantage of making faxes digital is the added benefit of custom software to assist the user. For example, iFax have added a secure virtual library to store all your faxes so they can be accessed from any device. Or if somebody is out of the office they can still send and receive faxes from their phone or laptop.

So how do you send or receive a fax online.

1. Firstly go to https://www.ifaxapp.com/ or download the iFax app on IOS, Android, Mac and Windows where you will be able to click on the Get Fax Number.

2. Select the option of “Get a fax number”.

3. Choose the country and area code that suits you best and input the email address that you want to receive the faxes on.

4. Now you are ready to start receiving faxes online and via email.

5. To send a fax click on “send a fax“

6. Simply enter the details that you want to enter with all of the fields being optional besides for the fax number (obviously).

7. Choose a cover template with the specific design you prefer.

8. Insert any comments in the comments section and add a digital signature if necessary.

9. To send an attachment, simply click on the add attachment button and it will give you the options of either scanning in a document using the inbuilt scanner or attaching a document from your folders.

10. Once you are happy with your fax, just click send and the fax will be sent as usual and a notification will appear once the fax has been received

Explore more ways of sending and receiving faxes online.

Ifax works to make online faxing easier, cheaper and more secure for all its users.

Our mission is to make the online faxing experience as easy as sending an email. We have therefore created a suite of products to assist you in sending a fax.

Scanner Cam

We have created a scanner came for both the IOS and Android version of the ifax app to enable users to scan in multiple documents at the click of a button or you can upload the documents from your cloud-based storage or your hard drive.

Digital Signature

Often faxes might need to include a signature, iFax, therefore, have included the option to add a digital signature to the cover page.

With millions of faxes sent, iFax is one of the most popular cloud-based online faxing services. iFaxapp.com is used by individuals and professionals who want to receive faxes online without the need for a fax machine. Amongst the SMB and SME community iFax is commonly used as the sole fax provider in the respective office of the business as they receive faxes online on a constant basis.

Ifax also offers a great trial period so the user can get an understanding of the online faxing service with no risk and no commitment.

Once a trial ends a user has the option to choose from different packs with prices start from less than 3¢ per page. iFax also offers a custom plan for enterprise users who are looking for a specific need that is not listed on the pricing page.

One of the main reasons we have millions of happy users is the cross-device faxing that iFax users enjoy. iFax has a custom-built app for IOS, Android, Mac and Windows users enabling you to easily send and receive faxes online without the need of a physical fax machine.

iFax is a leader in the online faxing service and we would be delighted to assist you with any question you may have

How to Receive a Fax Online

You can easily access your received faxes online from anywhere by just logging into your iFax account.

1. Login to your iFax web app account from any smartphone, web, desktop or tablet.


2. Go to inbox page and to view your new faxes.


3. Click on the fax attachment to retrieve, open and view your fax pages.


Explore more ways to receive faxes online with iFax

iFax offers great features for any business may it be small, medium or large and even considered as a boon for entrepreneurs for their startup enterprise. You can send and receive an online fax for with iFax.

Let us review few easy options that iFax offers to view, forward or archive your faxes.

1) Receive faxes online in iFax web app

Access your iFax account straight from any desktop, smartphone or tablet. Just login and get your received faxes in inbox page.

2) Receive faxes with iFax app

View, forward or store your faxes on the go straight from your iFax app available on iPhone, iPad Android, Windows & Mac.

3) Receive faxes by email

With iFax you would receive fax by email as simple as any other way. Retrieve your faxes as normally as you would in the iFax mobile app or iFax web.