How Does iFax Work?

Fax from anywhere at any time. Use your laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone to send and receive faxes online.

iFax is a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use online faxing solution. No need for a fax machine or phone line.

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What is iFax?

iFax is an online fax service for individuals and businesses. It lets you send and receive fax without a landline or fax machine. No need to search for fax centers nearby. With iFax, you can fax directly from your mobile device or computer.

To get started, all you need is to select an account or register by email. To receive faxes, you will also need to set up a fax number. Once your account is all set, you can start sending and receiving fax using any device, across all platforms.

Send or receive faxes with a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.

  1. 1

    Click New Fax > Compose Fax.

    Enter the recipient's fax number and fill out the required fields.
  2. 2

    Attach documents.

    Click Add documents or drag and drop a file. Click Send.
  3. 3

    Get real-time notifications.

    Monitor the status of your fax message and get notified as soon as it is delivered.

Why millions of users love using iFax
instead of fax machines.

How Ifax Works

Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

iFax turns your phone, tablet, or computer into a portable fax machine. Send and receive faxes from anywhere with our cross-platform app using any internet-ready device.

Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
HIPAA compliance

How Ifax Works

256-bit encryption and HIPAA compliance

Protect your online faxes with military-grade AES encryption. iFax complies with data privacy standards like HIPAA and GLBA compliant, making it the perfect enterprise fax solution.

How Ifax Works

Receive real-time updates

Download transmission receipts and get real-time status reports on all your faxes. With iFax, you can be sure that your fax will arrive securely and without delay.

Receive real-time updates
Affordable cloud-based faxing

Affordable cloud-based faxing

Fax for as low as 1¢ per page with no setup fee. Upgrade or downgrade anytime with 24/7/365 customer support.

How Ifax Works


Send a fax using your phone or computer. It’s as easy as sending an email.

How Ifax Works


Use the app’s built-in scanner to scan, attach, and send documents as PDF files. 

How Ifax Works


View fax records across multiple devices. Download transmission receipts and get instant delivery notifications.


iFax is smooth. Works every time as expected and its aesthetics are on point.

Hani Ewais Microsoft

My work-life is now a paperless reality. I can now send and receive faxes from anywhere.

Dr. Asad Hussain BMI Hospital

I use iFax when traveling abroad. It sends all my faxes promptly and is very reliable. iFax is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use.

Anna Vu Lyft

I need a secure and dependable cloud faxing service. iFax has proven to be the optimal solution.

Laurie Foster Department of Labor & Industries, Washington

It's incredibly easy to use and reliable. I love how quickly my lab documents are scanned and sent in a secure framework.

Panos Philandrinos University of California

A fax solution for the digital age

Enjoy secure cloud-based faxing with 99.99% uptime. Manage everything online while saving on ink and paper. Get your free 7-day trial of iFax Professional and start faxing today.


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If you can email, you can send an online fax.

Sign up for an account today and find out why millions have made the switch to internet faxing.

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How Ifax Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sending a fax via a fax machine requires being connected to an active phone line. After all, a fax machine needs a wired connection to transmit a scanned document. The receiver’s fax machine will automatically print the fax and make copies if necessary. However, the fax may fail to transmit due to errors in the phone connection. 

Depending on the fax machine model, a receiver may manually answer the fax or set it to answer faxes automatically after two to three rings. If this is the case, then there’s no need to pick up the call. The machine will automatically receive and print the documents, starting with the cover page.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for multifunction printers to send and receive faxes. Some all-in-one printers also come with a fax modem and software that you can use to send faxes at high data transmission rates. You can also set these multifunction printers to print faxes at ultra-high quality, which is great for sending documents with charts, diagrams, and other detailed graphics.

iFax offers an effortless way to fax. With our online fax service, you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine or a phone line. There’s even no need for dedicated software or a fax modem. With iFax, you can fax documents from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. You can fax from your computer, laptop, tablet, and cell phone. You can also sync your faxes across different platforms.

The process is similar to sending an email, but instead of providing your recipient’s email address, you send the fax online to your receiver’s fax number. It’s a convenient and secure way to send and receive documents. Aside from having the freedom to fax from any device, you can also protect sensitive documents by encrypting them with 256-bit encryption.

There’s no need for complex wire setups and software installation. It’s up to you to install the iFax app on your mobile or desktop or stick to the web version. You can easily keep track of all incoming and outgoing faxes via real-time email alerts. iFax makes it possible to store, access, and manage your documents in the cloud.

A failed fax transmission means lost time and effort. Imagine needing to fax an important document only to get a transmission error. By sending a test fax, you can figure out whether your fax machine is working or if there’s something wrong with your landline connection.

Sending a test fax also allows you to check your machine’s status. You can send a test fax right after troubleshooting to verify that the issue has been fixed. It also helps you determine whether your fax machine’s printer is printing properly and if there are any paper jams in the ADF (automatic document feeder).

If you know someone with a fax machine, you can ask to send a test fax to that fax number. If not, you can also refer to your machine’s official guide. Since fax machines vary by brand and model, they may require specific guidelines for sending test faxes. You can also send a test fax to the following numbers:

HP Test Fax Service: 1-888-HPFAXME (1-888-473-2963)

Canon Test Fax Number: 1-855-FX-CANON (1-855-392-2666)

Brother Test Fax Number: 1-877-268-9575

To send a test fax to any of these numbers, you need to do the following:

  • Send a one-page monochrome fax document to 1-888-HPFAXME. You can also send it to the other numbers.
  • Make sure to include your full 10-digit phone number in the fax header. Don’t forget to include the area code.
  • If your fax is successful, you should receive a return fax within five to seven minutes. If not, there could be something wrong with your phone line or fax machine.

With iFax, sending a test fax is more convenient. You can instantly know if you’ve successfully sent a test fax since the app will mark your fax message as “delivered.”

The time it takes to send and receive faxes on a machine usually depends on the brand and model. In the 1920s, it took about six minutes to send a single-page fax. Since then, faxing has evolved and continues to adapt. Today, it takes only a few seconds to fax a single page. The Canon FAX-L3000, for example, can send a single-page fax in just three seconds. It’s a remarkable improvement, especially considering how long it takes to fax using an older fax machine.

With iFax, you can send and receive faxes online without any delay. Once you click the send button, our internet-based fax service will securely send your message via an encrypted connection.

Since you’re sending faxes over the internet, the faxing time for each fax may vary. Some factors may also affect your fax transmission speed, such as the type of document you’re faxing and the rate of communication over a data channel. On average, faxing over the internet takes about one minute for a single page. The transmission time may also change when sending fax documents in large volumes.

Still, you can rest easy. After sending a fax, our fax service will immediately notify you about your document’s estimated delivery time.

iFax provides a cost-effective solution for your growing business. By customizing your iFax account, you can make the most out of our service in a way that suits your needs and preferences. We’ll take care of all your faxing needs so you can focus on managing your organization or business.

You can also customize your account to cater to more faxes without worrying about overage costs and hidden charges. With iFax, you are free to upgrade your Professional account by adding more subusers and fax numbers. You can also avail of our developer API support and auto fax-to-text (OCR) conversions. 

If you need to customize your account to send white-label faxes, feel free to request a custom white-label fax quote for your business. 

With a customizable iFax account, you can:

  • Increase your incoming and outgoing fax limit 
  • Add more subuser accounts
  • Request additional fax numbers
  • Request developer API support 
  • Automatically enable fax-to-text (OCR) on all pages

Choosing to customize your plan and pay for an annual subscription also means additional savings since you’ll get two months of free iFax Professional access.

So go ahead and request a custom quote today. Click here to get started. You may also talk to our friendly sales representatives to get a free product demo.