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iFax has been providing an online faxing service to healthcare organizations for over a decade enabling hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers to easily send and receive sensitive documents online.

Medical Healthcare

Deliver a higher standard of care by focusing on your patients and respond faster from any device. iFax enables you to interact with patients whether in the office or on the go, while staying secure and HIPAA compliant. Get in touch with us today to see if we can help you.

Learn why healthcare providers love using iFax as their secure online fax solution.

Medical Healthcare

HIPAA Compatibility.

Meet HIPAA, GDPR and GLBA compliance standards when sending and storing client medical data with our military-grade encryption standards that ensure your documentation is kept secure at all times.

Medical Healthcare

Mobile functionality

With mobile accessibility and cross-platform functionality, it makes it easy to send, receive and review a patient’s fax even on the go. Use iFax’s award-winning apps on any device to make faxing simple.

Medical Healthcare

Document Management

Keep your patient documents organized within a single platform to manage your medical forms, patient intake forms and insurance claims forms.

Medical Healthcare

Secure Library

Store and access your client’s medical forms securely within the iFax library so you can easily access the documents from any device.

Medical Healthcare


When using iFax there is no need for any paper as all the documents are stored on our cloud-based server. Which means you can lower your costs and help the environment.

Medical Healthcare

Full Support

iFax offers 24-hour support to ensure you never run into any problem and if you do we are always here to help.

So simple to set up

1y ago

Y Peters

In a few minutes i had downloaded the iFax app – very straightforward – 2 minutes later i had prepared my first fax and sent it with a pdf attachment. Uploading it was easy and the fax was sent successfully.

Great to use

6m ago

D Tumer

We use this app for all our client correspondence as it is easy to use and you can send and receive faxes while on the go. We also recommend it to all our clients as the delivery rate is really reliable.

Excellent mobile fax

1m ago

Office Manager

This has replaced all our faxing machines in the office and we totally rely on it for all our faxing needs. If there are any problems the team is always quick to respond and sort out the issues.

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