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Send and receive fax from Windows for free. Compatible fax software for Windows 10, Windows 11, and older versions.

fax from windows

Switch to a more convenient approach:  fax from Windows computer in minutes!

reliable window fax app

Reliable Windows Fax App

Save loads of money on buying a fax machine while you enjoy the convenience of being able to fax from computer Windows at any time. It’s the easiest and quickest way to send and receive faxes online.

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Send a Free Fax from Windows

Send faxes from your windows PC at an affordable cost. Through our iFax Windows fax app, content distribution and business communications can be done in just minutes even with multiple recipients.

advanced fax encryption

Advanced Encryption

Send faxes from Windows with our military-grade 256-bit encryption. iFax complies with GLBA regulations and HIPAA standards for private information protection – all without having an expensive hardware device sitting around taking up space!

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Get Notifications With Fax App

Never miss a fax again because our Windows 10 fax software provides you real-time notifications to your computer whenever you send and receive faxes online. Make transactions anywhere in the world with global customers.



Send faxes from your windows computer without printing.



Reliable GLBA and HIPAA compliant Windows fax software.



Send a fax for as low as $.01 per page in minutes.


Available 24/7

Reach out to our support team whenever you need help 24/7.



Fast faxing service that matches your business needs.


Quick Sync

Internet fax is made easy on any compatible device.


Cloud Storage

Manage faxes in Windows PC or online storage.



Take full control of faxes, archives, and accounts.

ifax for windows

Free fax software for Windows 10 and 11

iFax is a full-fledged HIPAA-compliant faxing software for computers running on Windows (versions 11, 10, and older). iFax lets you sign, send, and receive scanned documents and digital files. You may also track faxes and get real-time notifications for incoming and outgoing faxes with transmission receipts.

Attach files in PDF, Word Doc, JPG, PNG, with readable black texts on a white background. This is the ultimate communication tool for professionals, business owners, and enterprises.

Access cutting-edge iFax features built for Windows fax

Reduce recurring expenses on ink replacements and maintenance. Faxing a single document to multiple recipients is possible with fax broadcasting for Windows, saving you time and effort.

You can use the email to fax feature and seamlessly fax using Outlook or Gmail if you’re using a Windows tablet or smartphone.

Download fax app for Windows:  windows_link_icon

ifax for windows

Fax from Windows Computer and get a dedicated fax number

Choose your dedicated fax number for free and send as many faxes as you want according to your new business or personal needs. Find out why more than 5 million happy customers trust the iFax Windows fax software. Try it yourself!

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5M+ Happy Users


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20M+ Faxes Sent


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4.85 Average Rating


Faxing became widely popular in the 1980s as it provided a faster and more efficient way to transmit documents in just minutes. Even with the emergence of more modern document-sharing solutions and applications, many industries and organizations still prefer faxing over other methods. In this day and age, faxing is far from being obsolete.

However, faxing technology looks far different nowadays. It has managed to keep up with modern times, introducing newer features and making the solution more accessible to the public. Today, you do not need a fax machine and a dedicated phone line to share documents. You can simply send a fax straight from your computers and even mobile devices.

It’s relatively easy to send fax using our fax software for Windows 10. The first thing you need to do is set your computer up. Don’t worry; you do not need extensive technical knowledge to do it.  You only need these three requirements: a stable internet connection, your PC or laptop, and a reliable online faxing solution.

iFax is one of the top-rated online fax service providers in the market today. We offer cost-effective and feature-rich services designed to simplify your document-sharing process. With iFax, you can download fax software for Windows to send fax from PC. You can also use our web-based application, so you do not have to fuss about installing anything on your computer. When you sign up with iFax, you can get your own fax number for free, or you can also port an existing fax number if you already have one.

Setting iFax up on your computer only takes a couple of minutes. Once your account is ready, you can fax from PC.

With iFax, you can fax PDFs from PC. In fact, you can fax documents that come in multiple formats: Word document, JPG, and PNG, to name a few. You may also integrate iFax to any Microsoft application so you can fax Excel and Powerpoint directly.

It is also possible to scan physical documents using our built-in document scanner. As long as the document is legible, you can fax it in any format you prefer. You can also take advantage of our electronic signature integration so you can sign any documents on the go. All these features and more make iFax the ultimate business and productivity tool.

The beauty of using online faxing to share documents is that it is relatively easy to use and requires no clunky hardware or equipment. You can embrace a more efficient document-sharing process if you send fax from PC instead of the traditional method. You do not also need to have a dedicated phone line and fax server with a PC fax software. Setting up an online faxing solution is ten times easier, and it doesn’t require any extensive technical background compared to installing a fax machine. Setting your online faxing solution up can take less than ten minutes, and you can start sending fax from PC immediately.

Moreover, sending fax from your computer or mobile devices helps you reduce or cut costs. Online faxing is a paperless solution, which means you do not need to buy consumables like paper, toners, and ink cartridges. You also do not need to allocate money to machine maintenance and repairs.

If your computer runs on Windows operating system, you may be able to send fax from PC using Windows Fax and Scan. You can also receive faxes and send faxes as email attachments. It was first introduced in Windows Vista and is still available in many Windows versions, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

How is iFax for Windows different from Windows Fax and Scan? Although Windows Fax and Scan is practically free, you do need to connect it to a fax modem or a fax server for the application to work. This can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you do not have any of these two yet. It is also an additional expense if you do get a fax modem or server. Meanwhile, iFax does not require any other equipment or hardware. You can simply download iFax’s desktop application for Windows so you can start sending fax from your computer.

Installing our fax software for Windows takes less than ten minutes to complete. We also boast a sleek and modern dashboard interface that’s easy to use and navigate. On the other hand, Windows Fax and Scan application looks slightly outdated.

WFS also does not have some of the features that iFax offers. For instance, iFax offers a HIPAA and GLBA-compliant faxing solution. We also use military-grade encryption to ensure the safety and protection of your data. Thus, iFax is the more suitable faxing solution, especially if you fax documents containing highly sensitive and confidential information like legal documents and health records.

Not to toot our own horn but iFax is one of the best fax software for Windows you can find today. We promise the lowest-cost fax service. For as low as $8.33 per month, you can enjoy many of our top-rated online faxing features.

iFax allows you to send faxes from your Windows 10 computers in just minutes! No need to invest in a bulky fax machine that requires complicated setup and installation. You can simply download our Windows 10 fax software and start sending and receiving faxes immediately.

With iFax, you will never miss any important fax transmission again. You can receive real-time notifications on your computer so you can remain up-to-date. iFax also uses military-grade 256-bit end-to-end encryption to significantly reduce any risks of breaches and data theft. Your files and data are safe with us. We are also HIPAA and GLBA compliant.

iFax also makes document management easier. You can manage faxes on your Windows PC or online cloud storage for easier and more secure access. You can also sync your files with other devices.

We also pride ourselves on offering other features, including a fully programmable fax API, broadcast faxing that allows you to fax from PC to multiple recipients, email to fax feature, OCR functionalities, electronic signature integration, and so much more.

iFax has been providing exemplary customer service for over ten years, sending more than 20 million faxes worldwide. We are trusted by more than five million satisfied users and counting. We have ranked consistently among various platforms, with 4.85 stars rating.