ISO 27001 Certified Fax Service

Protect your information assets with an ISO 27001 certified online fax solution.

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Globally recognized ISO 27001 certified fax service

ISO 27001 Certified Fax

Industry-leading standards for information security

iFax offers a systematic approach to managing sensitive and confidential company data. With ISO 27001 certified online fax, you can confidently send and receive documents across different platforms and systems.

Achieve optimal operational efficiency with secure information management procedures that include legal, physical, and technical controls.

ISO 27001 Certified

iFax is a comprehensive fax solution that adheres to ISO 27001, helping organizations comply with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements for managing sensitive company information.

Effectively mitigate new threats and keep confidential information safe from data breaches, cyberattacks, and insider threats.

Choosing an ISO 27001 certified fax solution can give you a competitive edge. It can make your company or business stand out in a market where data security is paramount.

ISO 27001 Certified Fax
hipaa soc 2 compliance

Streamline your HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance efforts

ISO 27001 helps your organization design a robust online fax and information security management system that complies with GLBA, HIPAA and SOC 2 requirements. This ensures compliance with cybersecurity standards while meeting your evolving needs.

It’s a cost-efficient way to streamline your GLBA, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance process, saving you valuable resources and time.

Build client trust

ISO 27001, as an internationally recognized standard, enables you to demonstrate a level of commitment to information security that can significantly improve your organization’s reputation.

Foster client confidence and achieve long-term business objectives. Meeting information security standards can improve your organization’s ability to identify, evaluate, and address risks systematically.

With iFax, your company data remains secure.

ISO 27001 Certified Fax

Military-grade encryption

End-to-end encryption for incoming and outgoing fax messages.

User controls

Set access levels and permissions for specific user roles.

Audit logs

Each fax sent and received includes a transmission log for detailed tracking.

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Fax Solution
Efficient, secure, and ISO 27001 certified online faxing minus the busywork.