8×8 vs. eFax

The main difference between 8×8 and eFax is the services they offer. eFax focuses on providing online fax for businesses and regulated industries. Meanwhile, 8×8 offers an all-in-one messaging platform with fax, video, voice, instant messaging, and SMS.

8x8 vs efax


 Price Per MonthHIPAA ComplianceMobile FaxingeSignaturesFax API
8×8Custom pricingYesNoNoYes
eFaxstarts at $18.99YesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into 8x8 vs eFax

8×8 vs. eFax

Which fax service is more secure?

8×8 follows strict security standards in handling your data. It offers fraud detection, secure endpoint provisioning, FCC Consumer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) compliance, ISO 27001:2013 ISO 9001 certifications, data-in-motion encryption, and other data security measures.

Similarly, eFax enables secure internet fax. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, TLS 1.2 encryption, and strict access controls to ensure only authorized users can access your documents. Its enterprise product, eFax Corporate, is HITRUST CSF certified, which shows that it follows security standards for the healthcare industry.

Which fax service is HIPAA compliant?

8×8 can help your organization achieve HIPAA compliance with all X series plans. These plans provide a business associate agreement (BAA), which is required for covered entities and business associates.

eFax is a suitable alternative to 8×8 for HIPAA compliance. You can choose from two plans if you need a BAA. eFax Protect for regulated industries provides 500 pages monthly and a free local or toll-free number. eFax Corporate, which is scalable, is another HIPAA-compliant option.

8×8 vs. eFax
8×8 vs. eFax

eFax is better at eSigning faxes

Unfortunately, 8×8 doesn’t integrate digital signature capabilities into its platform. You need to use a third-party app to authenticate documents using electronic signatures.

eFax is the better 8×8 alternative when it comes to eSigning. You can sign documents in two ways. Either use the drag-and-drop e-signature feature or sign onscreen using your finger.

Mobile faxing

8×8 offers an Android and iOS app called 8×8 Work for audio calls, chat, HD video, and instant messaging. However, 8×8 Work for Mobile is a limited alternative to eFax mobile. It only allows you to receive notifications and view, manage, and share faxes. It doesn’t support sending faxes as of now. Sending a fax requires using the 8×8 web or desktop application.

eFax is the better choice for mobile faxing. The eFax Mobile Fax app comes free with your account. It lets you receive, edit, send, and e-sign faxes from your mobile phone. It also offers document scanning, cloud storage integration, and email fax notifications.

8×8 vs. eFax
8×8 vs. eFax

eFax and 8x8 Pricing

8×8 doesn’t offer a standalone fax plan. Nor does it publish its prices. However, unlimited internet fax is included in its unified communications plans. These X series plans include voicemail, HIPAA and GDPR compliance, auto-attendant, call handling, audio calls, call queues, team messaging, video and audio conferencing, and more.

eFax offers straightforward internet fax plans with huge discounts on your first month. eFax Plus costs $18.99 ($5 on the first month) for 170 pages. eFax Pro (small business) costs $24.99 ($10 for the first month) for 275 pages. HIPAA-compliant eFax Protect costs $49.99 ($15 for the first month) for 500 pages. eFax Corporate is priced based on your requirements. Except for eFax Corporate, each plan allows 5 team members.

Comparing 8x8 and eFax

eFax vs. 8×8, which is better? The answer depends on your needs. If you need a unified communications platform with contact center features, then choose 8×8. The platform is best for users requiring other messaging features besides fax. However, for standalone HIPAA-compliant fax plans, eFax is the better choice.

8×8 vs. eFax

iFax as the best 8x8 and eFax alternative

Paperless workflows

Streamline operations and boost efficiency without the cumbersome paperwork. iFax offers a reliable solution for faxing documents electronically, saving time and resources.

Complete fax features

You don't need to subscribe to or download other apps to use OCR technology, e-signatures, and video. Moreover, we throw in a free mobile app, API access, Zapier integration, and 24/7 live support.

Transparent and unbeatable pricing

Spend as little as $8.33 per month to start faxing documents. Our flexible pricing options allow you to easily adjust your plan as needed. You can add more fax numbers and user accounts as your business grows.

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Switch to iFax for enhanced efficiency, security, and reliability

Say goodbye to faxing hassles. Enjoy fast and secure faxing that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”

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8×8 offers a BAA with all its X series accounts. If you’re using an 8×8 Express account, you must upgrade to an X series plan to avail of a BAA. 8×8 published an End of Sale for 8×8 Express and discontinued selling 8×8 Express accounts on March 1, 2023. So, while you can still add lines to and enjoy support with your Express account, you can’t avail of a BAA without upgrading to an X series plan. To get a BAA with eFax, your existing plan must be eFax Protect or eFax Corporate. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade.

8×8 allows you to attach multiple files not exceeding 20MB to a single fax. 8×8 fax limitations warn that you may experience issues if you send faxes with over 50 pages. It’s best to stick to the file limits if you want to ensure a smooth faxing experience. Meanwhile, eFax allows you to attach up to 10 attachments not exceeding 20MB. If your files are too big for email, eFax provides a Large File Sharing feature that allows you to send files up to 3GB to up to 20 people.