Outgoing Fax

Track your outbound fax in real time

Easily access and manage all your sent faxes

Keep tabs on the progress of your outgoing faxes

Receive notifications for all successful transmission

Sync outgoing faxes to cloud storage

Outgoing Fax


Ensure seamless and timely delivery of every fax you send

Verify outbound fax success with transmission receipts

iFax provides real-time updates on your outbound faxes using transmission recipts. Once a fax transmission process is complete, you can access and download the transmission receipt on your main dashboard to verify if the fax was delivered successfully.

Real-time notifications on every fax sent

You can configure your fax notifications to receive real-time updates on the stages of every fax you send out:

  1. On your iFax dashboard, click Settings-the gear icon at the lower left side of the screen.
  2. The Settings window will pop out. Select Notifications, then choose Fax Notifications.
  3. Under the Outbound settings, you will see the types of notifications you want to activate.
  • None – You will not receive any notifications.
  • Email – An email is automatically sent to your inbox notifying you that the fax has been sent successfully.
  • Push – Activate this if your browser settings allow push notifications on the iFax app.
  • Both – This will activate both email and push notifications.

If you toggle on Attach Fax, a PDF of the fax will be included in the email. The recipient can immediately see the fax when they open the email. You’ll also receive a copy in your inbox.

Sort and organize your outbound faxes.

Take your fax organization a step further by tagging and labeling your outgoing faxes for future references, or organize them further by moving them across folders.

Here is how to do this on iFax:

  • Mark faxes as “Done.” – Do this once the fax is successfully sent so it will be included in the done folder.
  • Move and sync to the cloud – Choose a specific folder to create a backup in your connected cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.
Manage your outgoing faxes through an intuitive dashboard.
With iFax, you know that your documents are safe and delivered successfully every time.